/ Discounted trips to The Atlas Mountains and India

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THE.WALRUS - on 24 Feb 2013

6 day expeditions to the High Atlas of Morocco: 360

Climb Toubkal, Toubkal West, Ouanakrim Ras and Timesguida or customise your trip to include some of the less frequented peaks Afella, Biguinoussene and Akioud.

Numerous fixed departure dates available or go whenever you feel like it.

13 Day expedition to climb Stok Kangri in the Indian Himalaya: 800(!)

Join a fixed departure or go on a date that suits you.

Expeditions also available to Kilimanjaro, the Volcanoes of Mexico and Ecuador, the Cordillera Blanca in Peru and the Cordillera Real in Bolivia.

For more information, have a look at http://www.gorillamountaineering.co.uk

sbc_10 - on 03 Mar 2013
In reply to THE.WALRUS:

Hello there, yes these have really caught my interest. One question if I may,
when it says " 2 people minimum" on your booking form does that mean I have to book as a pair or is that the minimum number for a trip?
Can you fit an individual traveler into your itineraries?
I don't mind sharing!!.... well perhaps not with a gorilla...

sbc_10 - on 05 Mar 2013
In reply to THE.WALRUS:

Thanks for the reply Sam, sounds good. I will give you a ring on the numbers you forwarded.
Cheers, Sean.

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