/ Alain Robert at Beacon Climbing Centre 9th March

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ClimbUK - on 26 Feb 2013 - www.climbukltd.com

Unmissable! World renown solo climber Alain Robert is lecturing at Beacon Climbing Centre on Saturday 9th March from 8:0pm... Tickets availalbe online through the Beacon wbsite http://www.beaconclimbing.com/product.php/151

Dubbed 'The Human Spider', Alain Robert is arguably one of the most daring climbers the world has ever seen. Overcoming vertigo and countless injuries which have left him officially 60% disabled, Alain Robert has scaled over 70 skyscrapers worldwide: from the Petronas Towers in Malaysia to Taipei 101, from Chicago's Sears Tower to Canary Wharf in London - all climbed solo without the use of any safety equipment. Reward and punishment have been received in equal measure - the flamboyant Frenchman has gained international fame and raised thousands of pounds for charity, but has also been arrested, beaten and prosecuted.

While many people ask whether it is madness to undertake such perilous ascents without the use of a rope, Alain's view is that it is madness not to follow your dreams. This inspiring lecture offers an insight into the man who has conquered fear and exceeded his own limits: the world's greatest urban climber.

Venue: Beacon Climbing Centre
Address: Cibyn Estate, Caernarfon, LL55 2BD
Date: Saturday 9th March
Time: 8:00pm (bar opens from 7:00pm)
Tickets: £10 Available online through the Beacon website, at reception or on the door.

ClimbUK - on 06 Mar 2013 - www.climbukltd.com
In reply to Steve Mayers:
Check out a brilliant 5 minute documentary about Alain Robert here https://www.vimeo.com/38209802
martinph78 on 09 Mar 2013
In reply to Steve Mayers: Really wish this was closer!

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