/ NEWS: No Firing at Pembroke 6th - 21st April = Access

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UKC News - on 03 Apr 2013
Robin Neath and Paul Donnithorne on FA of Edge of Reason E2 5b, Range West., 4 kbThe limestone seacliffs of Pembrokeshire provide some of the UK's finest traditional climbing.
Many of the cliffs are subject to access restrictions due to them being on military land. We now have news from Steve Quinton that there is no firing between the 6th of April and the 21st, meaning that...

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mgeek - on 03 Apr 2013
In reply to UKC News: I am heading to pembroke 20-30th April. Does anyone know where I can get info on access to huntsmans & stennis ford during this peiod. Cheers
John2 - on 03 Apr 2013
In reply to mgeek: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/castlemartin-firing-notice--2

The news isn't good - weekends only I'm afraid. It's possible that on the days when there is no night firing you'll be able to get in after 4.30 or so, but you'd have to phone the guard house to confirm this.
liquid - on 03 Apr 2013
In reply to John2: good news as I'm heading down next week and haven't climbed in either area; could someone help?- with Range East is it just a case of just being able to climb in the area and Range West are there set times for the briefings or do you have to book one or can you just be careful and going climbing with firing not happening. Thanks in advance
John2 - on 03 Apr 2013
In reply to liquid: Yes, Range East you just turn up and climb as long as the range is open. There are three briefings a year for Range West, and the next one is in May so you won't be able to climb there.
In reply to UKC News:

More info on this on the BMC website

and of course as always check the Regional Access Database for the most up to date and definitive access info :- http://www.thebmc.co.uk/modules/RAD/

Elfyn Jones
BMC Access & Conservation Officer (Wales)
mgeek - on 04 Apr 2013
In reply to Elfyn Jones BMC Cymru/Wales:
Thanks for info guys, not all that bad news as loads of other places in that part of world I aint been to, for mid week.
mountain.martin - on 04 Apr 2013
In reply to mgeek: you've got mother careys all week and i think mowing word has no bird restrictions again this year (do check this though), with n pembs and penally crags that will keep you busy.
mgeek - on 04 Apr 2013
In reply to mountain.martin:Cheers, had 2 great days at mothecareys couple years ago & was mega crag. Keen to go back & also check out other areas.

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