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John W on 22 Jun 2013

Afternoon all!

Happened to bump into a mate last night, who told me that he and his wife are due to leave next Friday to do the TDMB. Given the recent posts re. unseasonal snowfall low down in the Alps, does anyone have any idea of the conditions they're likely to encounter and/or kit they're likely to need? Neither I nor they have done the TDMB, so any info / advice welcome.

Cheers, JW
marmot hunter on 22 Jun 2013 - cpc27-newt30-2-0-cust242.19-3.cable.virginmedia.com
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LOTS of snow from what the IMLs out there are reporting. high av dangers in places too by all accounts.
Alexandre Buisse - on 24 Jun 2013
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Call up the OHM in Chamonix for the latest info on conditions.
aldo56 - on 24 Jun 2013
In reply to John W: Just back from Chamonix, lots of snow and high temperatures mean there have been a high number of avalanches and serac fall. I'd consider the route very carefully!
Ben Briggs - on 24 Jun 2013
Paul Everett - on 24 Jun 2013
Check with the huts - they have the most up to date info. On north facing slopes (ie the French side of the TMB) expect snow at 2000 metres. If plenty of people doing it, then the snow will not be a problem but you need good boots. As much of the tour is in wide valley the avalanche danger is maybe not too bad but just before and after the col du Bonhomme, you traverse avalanche prone slopes. Huts the best for advice
John W on 24 Jun 2013
In reply to Paul Everett:

Cheers, will pass the info. on (and please keep it coming).

Thanks, JW
Paul Everett - on 25 Jun 2013
In reply to John W: Just booked into the Robert Blanch refuge for end July which is on my alternative Tour du Mont Blanc (where I manage to Contamines to Courmeyeur without seeing anybody except for the first two hours of this two day walk). I asked him re the situation regarding the snow conditions and he said completely snow covered and nobody doing it. That is not to say it is impossible but not knowing your level I would would suggest that you take crampons, light weight 30 metre rope and a couple of ice screws as well as avalanche transceiver.
I would be perfectly happy doing it provided I had 3-4 people of the same standard with me. But at same ti,e I would expect the trip to take 50% longer thasn planned
John W on 25 Jun 2013
In reply to Paul Everett:

Cheers Paul - have passed it on.


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