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Minneconjou Sioux - on 08 Jul 2013

OK. This isn't supposed to be a rival for Enty's biking and climbing paradise, nor is it supposed to claim that this is the best biking and climbing area in the North America......

BUT....IF you have a young family (6-12 yr old kids) then you can't beat the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Apart from Rushmore and the Crazy Horse memorial (which is awesome)there are cave and mine visits, horse riding, Deadwood re-enactments, zip line rides great views and some really great bike rides and granite climbs.

The biking can be a little challenging due to very narrow roads (the Needles highway is worth the risk) but the climbing can be very challenging or very easy and I have just taken my kids to an area called Sylvan Lake which has some excellent intro routes. There is a mix of trad and bolted on hard granite.

I realise this won't be for everyone but if anyone wants more info then give me a shout.
rgold - on 08 Jul 2013
In reply to Minneconjou Sioux:

Have a look at the celebration of Needles climbing on Supertopo: http://www.supertopo.com/climbers-forum/1110537/Warm-climbing-in-the-Needles-of-South-Dakota .

My own little piece about a bit of Needles history might be diverting as well: http://www.supertopo.com/tr/The-First-Ascent-of-the-Needles-Eye/t222n.html .

Note that there is fantastic climbing area in California called The Needles. The area discussed here is in South Dakota.

I agree that the Needles is a fantastic place to go with kids and get in some climbing too.
Minneconjou Sioux - on 09 Jul 2013
In reply to rgold:

Thanks. You can get a small, locally produced guide from the local climbing shop in Hill City for about $14. It gives some of the history as well and is really quite a neat little booklet.

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