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Al Doig - on 06 Aug 2013
Whilst out bouldering today I managed to pull something in my hand. At the time I was pulling on a pocket with my middle finger stacked on top of my ring finger (pretty open handed). The ‘pull/pain’ ran through my palm into my forearm. I stopped climbing and spent some time cooling my hand in a stream. Now back at home my hand feels stiff around the region of the MCP joint and on into my palm. I am also finding it difficult to make a fist. The other problem is I can still feel the pull in my forearm that becomes quite painful if I attempt to put any pressure or strain through my ring finger (as though holding something in a open handed position). Any thoughts?
GeoffRadcliffe - on 06 Aug 2013
In reply to Al Doig: Sounds like you have damaged a tendon or pulley or ligament. In any event you should ice it and rest it until the pain disappears when you try to use it (this could be a few weeks). I would also go and see a sports physio in the next few days. One problem that can happen, if it is left untreated, is that when it heals you will have lots of scar tissue and limited movement. Hope you get it sorted.
valentinesbabe - on 06 Aug 2013
In reply to Al Doig: Ouch. I would definitely get it looked at properly by a physio who specialises in hand injuries, sounds like some proper tendon damage. I did mine a few years ago and ignored it and it's never been right since. I should know better but its a case of physician heal thyself ;-) Good luck with it but I think you'll be out of action for any major projects for a while.
Al Doig - on 13 Aug 2013
In reply to GeoffRadcliffe: Cheers Geoff. I have been to see a physio and he identified the problem is actually in my forearm. I can't remember the technical jargon but he feels the injury was at the junction of where the tendon meets the muscle in the forearm. This is what he has treated and remarkably it is feeling a lot better. I have previously done pulleys and knew what they feel like; it was the forearm pain that was the unusual factor in this injury.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.