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mpopo on 16 Oct 2013
Hei all,

i am planning a climbing trip through Italy followed by southern France and to Spain or to be more exact to Catalunya. I have a van so we would travel from climbing area to climbing area with rest days for doing some sightseeing or just driving to the next crag.

Sleeping in a van right under the crags, cooking, having fun with climbing...and of course going on a low budget, so cheap food , chep beer..avoiding expensive toll roads (Italy, France).

I carry two ropes one 60m other 80m. 20 quickdraws, big cooker, cooler (for beer ...

The only big expense is gas.

The trip can start from the beginning of November and can last all the way to spending New years in Siurana, Catalunya. Of curse everything is flexible.

For now, main crags i would like to visit are lumignano (IT), Muzzerone (IT), Finale Ligure (IT), La Turbie (Monaco), Chateauvert (FR), Gorges du Tarn (FR), Siurana (Cat) and many more i hope, would love for some suggestions.

If there is anybody willing to have a great trip durring the winter in sunny south of Europe...just let me know...

be good ya all...

p.s. open for big ideas...
Mike Nolan - on 16 Oct 2013
In reply to mpopo: How much money are you budgeting for the trip?
LeeWood - on 16 Oct 2013
In reply to mpopo: What grades are you climbing at? It would be helpful if you filled out a profile. I would be interested in joining you for a week or 2 - but spaced / month. And thats for the Lleida crags of Catalunya which are most accessible for me.
mpopo on 17 Oct 2013
My profile is new, as i just registered. Well the budget is trying as cheap
as possible, only Gas and Oil for the car are shared, also basic food, but
if anything extra..than u just buy 4 urself

My climbing is solid 7a-7b...did couple oc 7cs...and always wanting

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.