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dartfrog on 12 Nov 2013

I am heading to Font in summer. I have tried to book campsites in the area of La Chapelle-la-Reine and Milly-La-Foret. I have had no reply.

It may be early as I am told most sites do not open until spring. That said I would have thought they would take bookings.

Any information would be of help.

I have also noticed that the guide books for Font are a bit of a minefield. I would imagine fixed problems with the odd circuit would be the order of the day so if anyone can recomend a good one.

Any seasoned Font heads out there?

Mike Weatherill - on 15 Nov 2013
In reply to dartfrog: la musardiere campsite is brilliant and in Milly-La-Floret. been there in August and never had to book. Jingo Wobbly book is a good start
efrance24234 - on 15 Nov 2013
In reply to dartfrog: it will be very warm and sweaty in summer. I went the summer just gone for a few days on way to alps. Only managed to climb before 11am and that was in only my boxers, with no tshirt!
kermit_uk - on 15 Nov 2013
In reply to dartfrog:

The jingo wobbly fun bloc guide i think is great for a first timer especially if you are used to UK photo gudes.

I normally go in may and it;s too hot to do owt hard. Next year I'm going to go in march and camp/dirt bag for a week and then again in may in a gite for beer and cheese! :D
Dylan Nells on 16 Nov 2013
In reply to dartfrog: There is a great municipal campsite at Grez Sur Loing. see http://www.camping-grez-fontainebleau.info/france/caravans/motor-home/waste-service-area.html
dartfrog on 30 Nov 2013
In reply to efrance24234:

Yeh sounds like heaven!
Mike H SNG - on 30 Nov 2013
In reply to dartfrog:

Another vote for la musardiere in Milly-La-Floret. Has a nice pool and a bread van that calls in the mornings. We take our mountain bikes too to access the nearer bouldering sites. Great biking through the forrest on tracks.

Gaffalynch - on 23 Dec 2013
In reply to dartfrog:

Another vote for la musardiere its perfect if I rememeber its about 10 euro a night we stayed there for 1 night and then lived in the carpark for 10 days and they let us go back for showers. lovely place.
Oceanrower - on 23 Dec 2013
In reply to Gaffalynch:

The pricing police for La Musardierre is, how can i put it, flexible.......

It seems to be priced per person, per night, per tent, per vehicle.

Unless you're sharing a tent. Or a vehicle.

I've been there for 4 nights and been charged peanuts and for three night for what I reckon I could get a hotel for.

Love the campsite but I really, truly believe that they make it up on the spot.
getandy - on 24 Dec 2013
In reply to dartfrog:
Stayed at both grez-sur-long and la musardiere earlier this year both very nice grez-sur-long is much cheaper, you can swim in the river and the town is more accessible but the boulders are less accessible. La musardiere is very nice for accessibility to the boulders and has several climbing areas within a 20 minute walk as well as a nice swimming pool. I know from when I was trying to book the La musardiere campsite ( milly-la-foret ) does not open til February or march so you will not be able to book a pitch til then. I do not know if this is the same with grez-sur-long but if you are taking a car and don't mind driving to the areas would recommend grez-sur-long.
think the price for us was 8 euros a night per person at la musardiere but we shared a tent and had no car. was something like 3 or 4 a night per person at grez-sur-long
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