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musashi - on 13 Jan 2014
Hi there,

I have previously posted a thread and received good advises.

I am going to Patagonia in March (Paines, Fitz Roy, Ushuaia) and I am looking for a new tent. I can probably stretch my budget up to £300.

My favourite 2 options are at the moment the Solar Competition and the Voyager Superlite, both by Terranova.

While the Voyager seems more stable in windy/rainy conditions, the Solar is lighter and apparently easier to pitch (which is good in heavy rain).

Any thought?

Thanks again.
martinph78 on 13 Jan 2014
In reply to musashi:
Voyager. Not used the Solar, but know the Voyager can withstand some very harsh weather. The Solar doesn't look like it would be great in strong winds to be honest.

The voyager is roomy for one, and if I was going on an extended solo trip in anything other than summer conditions it would be my first choice (and I have a Laser comp and Ultra Quasar to choose from).

Also the voyager can be pitched securely with just 5 pegs/rocks/poles/whatever. It's dead easy to pitch on your own, I've done it in wind, snow and rain. Start at the back and work towards the front is easiest.

The porch is also good for cooking in when it's really wet or windy.
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lithos on 13 Jan 2014

I've got a BNWT Superlight Voayer for sale and own and use a solar comp 2
(and other tents hence the sale)

i dont think they are very comparable - the voyager is much stronger but quite a bit heavier and the solar feels more roomy for 2. I've used the solar on 2 long walks (GR20 and PHR both around 10 days with partner) and its fecking brilliant - but i wouldnt rate its chances in a full on gale (patagonia style). It's very weather proof but really light , easy to pitch as well.

If i were going to Patagonia the voyager would be my choice.
On another Euro hike i'd take the solar .

jezb1 - on 13 Jan 2014
In reply to musashi:

I assume you could have some pretty harsh weather there so would 100% go for the Voyager, really good tents.

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