/ For Sale - Spantiks & G12 Crampons

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jolivague on 13 Apr 2014 - host109-147-209-139.range109-147.btcentralplus.com
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Sportiva Spantiks: size 43, very good condition, only worn for a winter skills weekend in Scotland and for 2 days on Aconcagua. Slight wear to the tread on the front of the sole, couple of marks on the outer boots which will have no impact on the performance of the boots, inner boots in great nick, overall a superb pair of boots.

Would like £200 but willing to listen to sensible offers.

Grivel G12 New-matic Crampons: Barring some slight (basically just cosmetic)wear on the points from said winter skills weekend these haven't been used, excellent condition and will throw in the Grivel crampon bag.

£75 O.N.O

If anyone would like the whole lot together I'd take £250, absolute bargain for some excellent kit worth well over £500 brand new.

Postage included within the price, can deliver by hand if in Manchester.

Any questions feel free to ask!
giuly - on 13 Apr 2014
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I'm interested in the crampons! Can you send me some pictures of them?
My email address is giulia.forlati@gmail.com

samuelcrooks - on 20 Apr 2014
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If the crampons are still available I'll take then
jolivague on 22 Apr 2014 - host86-183-22-205.range86-183.btcentralplus.com
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Just posted them this afternoon, apologies, not had time to update the thread.
Alistair Corbett - on 23 Apr 2014
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Hi I could be interested in the boots... are they b3 boots? 150?? cheers Al
morpcat - on 23 Apr 2014
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Sent you an email about Spantiks yesterday
jolivague on 26 Apr 2014 - 5e097a37.bb.sky.com
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Crampons and boots now sold.

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