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ford23 - on 14 Apr 2014
A friend and I are going out to the French Pyrenees in a few days, centered in between St Girons and Luchon, has anyone been out recently and know much about conditions and routes in?
interdit - on 14 Apr 2014
In reply to ford23:

I live @ 550m near Aspet - Between St.G' & Luchon.

Temps in the valley today were approx 22C.
Soleil is set to last though until at least the weekend.

Looking from the garden up towards our local 'nearly 2000m' hill there's not much snow on it.

Friends have family out visiting and took them for a walk up Pic du Gar (1800m) today. Just daffodils & grass in their fb photos today, no snow.

You are going to have to go higher & early, if at all.
Sorry I don't actually have further details about conditions higher up - maybe check out http://www.camptocamp.org/ and see if anyone has been up to anything and where.

Don't forget your suncream - I got sunburn driving my lawnmower for an hour this week.

Doug on 14 Apr 2014
In reply to interdit:

friends were (piste) skiing in Andorra week before last & said there was plenty of snow. Maybe the montagne section of MeteoFrance.fr will help - usually has info on snow levels as well as avalanche risk
interdit - on 14 Apr 2014
In reply to Doug:

Yes, ski instructor friends have only just left Andorra this week and it's been a good season for them.

A brief look as camptocamp shows sorties in Andorra & the higher parts of the Pyrenees - Maladeta, Ordessa etc.

The thing is, apart from the odd blip we've had a fantastic spring - For road biking! Things are melting reasonably quickly, there was nowhere as much snow as last year - I think it was lighter than average this year.
Down in the valley we haven't had a 'winter'.

High up and early is my advice for touring.
interdit - on 16 Apr 2014
In reply to ford23:

26C today.

The Garonne looked very full when I drove past this afternoon despite having no rain for a couple of weeks - So can only be melting snow.

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