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Bristol_Quornstar - on 14 Apr 2014
Taking new steps in Alpinism this summer with a couple of courses split apart by a week. Would be staying on in the Chamonix area in between courses and keen to put skills learned to practice on routes up to AD.

How feasible would it be to find someone to accompany/climb with me for the week of 26th July to 2nd August….just a question!

(The first course is Technical Alpin-ISM by ISM from 19th-26th July in case anyone wanted to join: http://www.alpin-ism.com/Courses/SummerMountaineering/technicalalpinism.cfm )
James Gilbert on 15 Apr 2014
In reply to Alex_RhodesUK:

You might find someone on here (in Lifts & Partners) a bit nearer the time, or maybe you could be lucky and find someone hanging around a campiste in Chamonix.

That course looks quite good value. Just out of interest what's the second course you're doing, as the first is already quite technical? Do you already have some Alpine experience?
Bristol_Quornstar - on 15 Apr 2014
In reply to James Gilbert:

That looks the way to go I guess. Was only gauging how much of an effort one needs to put in to find partners in a popular destination like Cham.

With regards to courses, I've spoken to one of ISM's guides over the phone and talked me thru how to get the most out of the courses, pointing me in a rough direction. The first course, as you say, is quite a full-on week of instruction at a 3:1 ratio - great for building up a skills base.

After an interim week I was hoping to fill productively, I was considering the Technical Alpine Ascents course from 2-9th Aug http://www.alpin-ism.com/courses/summermountaineering/technicalalpineascents.cfm
While being a notch up in technical exp, does have the bonus of bring the client-guide ratio down to 2:1 for a more concise week of guiding and skills consolidation.

As I say, these are only suggestions....
atthedropofahat on 03 May 2014
In reply to Alex_RhodesUK:
I would be up for partnering. It would be my first trip to the alps, I have led easy scottish winter recently, in the past led up to E3, but took 6 years break and now lead S-VS depending on rock type. I taught myself most of the stuff I know about climbing and intend to do so in the mountains, without buying guides to haul me up.

Happy to climb with you before hand to get to know each other. I might have a 3rd person for the rope too... it looks like he might not pull through which is why I am searching around.

How are you getting down?
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max_dickens - on 03 May 2014
In reply to Alex_RhodesUK:

Hi alex

I am planning a alpine jaunt for this summer, I don't have concrete plans yet but would be up for climbing with you in that week!
max_dickens - on 03 May 2014
In reply to Alex_RhodesUK:

I've seen your based Bristol way,I'm moving to Wells in the couple of months so climbing together before hand could be feasible



Gawyllie - on 06 May 2014
In reply to Alex_RhodesUK:

Im over there at that time. I have accommodation sorted but have no one to climb with

give me your contact details or an email nearer the time if your interested(same goes for anyone else, im over from the 26th till the 8th)
Andrew Holden on 06 May 2014
In reply to punj:

Sent you an email
Bristol_Quornstar - on 12 May 2014
In reply to Alex_RhodesUK:

So I've organised a few things now and would be looking for a partner from the 9th to 12/13th Aug for some further mountaineering over a few days following two weeks back-to-back of courses with ISM.

Particularly interested in summiting Mt. Blanc e.g via the 3 Monts route or splitting guide costs and attempting the Tournette Spur, the latter taking my fancy the most.

Anyone interested, drop me a line.

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