/ Anyone cycled the Sella Ronda?

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MCL - on 10 Jul 2014
..using the lifts that are open in summer

Still seems to be a fair amount of uphill so was just wondering if anyone had done it and had any info/ advice.

Also any recommendations for mtb hire in Selva, seem to be a fair few places to choose from.

elliptic on 10 Jul 2014
In reply to MCL:

Only done the road version (first half of the Maratona) but now you've got me thinking..
altirando - on 10 Jul 2014
In reply to MCL:

Saw the road version a few years ago, closed roads, everybody from keen racing types to people towing baby trailers, looked great fun.
JLS on 10 Jul 2014
In reply to MCL:

You wouldn't need to use the lifts. They are big hills but not massively long and there's always a cafe at the tops. The road version took me three hours and I'm not super fit. So if you've got all day and can have a few stops it wouldn't be too gruelling.

Tom Hutton - on 13 Jul 2014
In reply to MCL:

Was out there a few weeks ago. The road version is ace - 4 passes and about 50km. The MTB version looks good and does, as you say, use lifts. BReakout Cycles in La Villa/Corvara hires good kit but it's not cheap. Hope that helps?
Marek - on 13 Jul 2014
In reply to MCL:

I was out there a couple of years ago and considered doing it, but it was too early in the season. One thing to check is that I heard that access to some of the lifts with a bike is only permitted if you have a guide with you or as part of the official race. Might be an unsubstantiated rumour.
Chris the Tall - on 13 Jul 2014
In reply to Marek:

No idea about that, but I'd have thought that if you go clockwise you can do the up hills in Gondolas - or CC from Arabba - and I can't imagine them turning away trade.
Mike-W-99 on 14 Jul 2014
In reply to MCL:

This list of lifts tells you which ones allows a bike on in the sella area.


Saw a lot of bikers the other day on the Predrosa lift system.
Marek - on 14 Jul 2014
In reply to MCL:

Either way, let us know what you conclude (and how you got on, if you go).
MCL - on 14 Jul 2014
In reply to MCL:

Thanks for replies everyone. Yes I had heard that some of the lifts will only let you on if you have a guide. Guess we'll find out wherever we rent bikes from. Found a website that says there is 800m uphill if done clockwise- I reckon doable in a day.

We are still deciding whether we would all be up for it as none of us are "proper" mountain bikers! So really it's more how technical the downhill bits are I think.

Me and OH recently did these rides in the Lakes and apart from bouncing off a few times at bottom of Old Coach Road we were fine:



So really trying to get an idea how the Sella Ronda would compare technical descent wise to these (in the unlikely event that anyone has done the Sella Ronda and one of these Lakes cycles!)

We're off for a week early September; marek I'll report back!

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