/ Haglofs Astral II vs Rab alpine Latok

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markneilly346 - on 16 Jul 2014
Looking into buying a good allround waterproof that will handle both winter walking and climbing (low grades). Stuck between the two jackets listed above,

Does anybody have any good or bad reviews for either jacket.

Roberttaylor - on 16 Jul 2014
In reply to markneilly346:

Rab Alpine Latok-bad review.

I bought one of these, thankfully it was cheap as I was working in the shop. I have loads of other Rab stuff which has been great but this has been a massive let down. The fabric wears through quickly, the seams delaminated, the zip sticks and it isn't cut at all well (for anyone without a beer belly).

Gordonbp - on 16 Jul 2014
In reply to markneilly346:

I've got a Rab. Had it for over three years. Good fit, well constructed. eVent does it for me over Goretex as I sweat like a pig and eVent seems (to me) to be more breathable then Goretex.
The only downside is that you need to wash it very frequently (I use liquid soap from Waitrose - it's the only place I know that sells it) and I re-proof it probably twice a year.
The hood is really good - I have a long neck and it was the only one that fitted over my helmet without pressing down.
The outside chest pockets are NOT waterproof - so don't keep a mobile phone in them unless it's in a plastic bag...
Gordonbp - on 16 Jul 2014
In reply to Roberttaylor:

Odd isn't it - RAB's quality control must be very erratic. Some people swear by them (like me!) - and others like you have bad experiences with them.
markneilly346 - on 16 Jul 2014
In reply to Gordonbp:

Thanks a lot guys. That inconsistency is exactly what I gathered from online reviews as well. I am a big fan of all Rab products I have tried, however I dont like the frequency of the bad reviews if I am paying around £200.

Can't find many reviews on the Haglof jacket. Tried it on in store and it was incredibly comfortable and well fitted but don't know how it performs.

Do you know of any other good performing jackets?

Gordonbp - on 17 Jul 2014
In reply to markneilly346:

You might look at the ME Morpheus - that was my other choice if I hadn't gone with the RAB. (I didn't go with the Morpheus because the hood wasn't quite as tall as the RAB)


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