/ Scottish winter without a car ?

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Ndawson - on 28 Jul 2014
Hi all,

Last winter i went to Aviemore via train and stayed at one of the campsites with my climbing partner. As there was a good bus service running between Aviemore and the ski centre it was very easy to reach several winter crags and also to travel back into Aviemore for food and supplies.

Does anyone know any other locations in Scotland that has similar access to winter crags without needing a car?


Scarab9 - on 28 Jul 2014
In reply to Ndawson:

You can do. Ben Nevis and walk from fort William.

MG - on 28 Jul 2014
In reply to Ndawson:

Fort William/Ben Nevis works - there is a bunkhouse, Achintee, right at the foot of the path up and round to the N face.
rogerwebb - on 28 Jul 2014
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Train to Achnasheen, hitch to Torridon, book Ling Hut if you can.

Train to Achnashellach. The station is at the start of the walk in for Sgurr Ruadh and Fuar Tholl. You would need to camp and have all food etc. Also in a cold winter handy for ice routes on other side of glen carron.
In reply to Ndawson:

Fort William, there is a bus to Nevis Range over the winter for aonoch mor as well as the options of walking to the Ben. Depending when and where you stay it's quite easy to get lifts with climbers too - calluna bunkhouse is a good bet. You can also get the early and late citylink buses through glencoe and the train works for a winter daytrip to ben an dotaidh. If the conditions turn crap and you want a day out the train to mallaig alighting at glenfinnan gives a few options for shorter (in height) hill days. You can also get between Fort William & Aviemore in a couple of hours (bus to Inverness - Train to Aviemore) so if you wanted to change where you are depending on conditions you aren't too stuck. As a slightly larger mission you can get citylink buses through to Skye and get off at Sligachan which gives you access to the Cuillin, I've walked from there to the Glen Brittle Hut before now which works ok though hard to pick up supplies.

Good luck!
jhsp - on 28 Jul 2014
In reply to Ndawson:

Years ago I took the Fort William train but got off at Corrour. It's a long (a good day) walk in to Ben Alder, but once you are there you've got the world to yourself, and there are great routes/ridges/hills around. There's a bothy on the other side if weather gets desperate. If you don't mind walking in and out, it's one of the best places I've ever been.
abr1966 - on 28 Jul 2014
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Ive had great climbing trips in glencoe without a car many times. If you ask about there are plenty of lifts and most is within walking distance...
Jamie B - on 29 Jul 2014
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When I didn't have a car my premier tactic was to suck up to people with cars. Without is achievable, but tends to be hard work and involve a lot of standing around getting cold by the roadside.
Only a hill - on 29 Jul 2014
In reply to Ndawson:

Used to do this all the time when I lived in Scotland. My strategy for success was to consider areas with easy public transport (Glencoe, the Northern Cairngorms, and Fort William were high on my list), or as Jamie says to make friends with people who own cars!

Wild camping or the use of bothies also gives you more flexibility, but of course you need multiple days to get anything done if you're using that approach. I've been known to bivvy at the side of the road or in car parks when necessary.
Nath93 - on 29 Jul 2014
In reply to Ndawson:

Can get up the Ben from Fort William with minnimum road walking by going through the aluminium works. Takes you out at the top car park as per NF Car Park approach. Leaves you with a choice of descent routes as well rather than needing to go back the way you came!

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