/ Mont Buet this weekend - conditions and advice

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benp1 - on 17 Oct 2016
I'm heading up Mont Buet this weekend with a mate, I'm fairly experienced in the outdoors in general but not winter walking/climbing. We'll be camping/bivvying out somewhere (I'm not in charge of the route), all I know is we're going up the North Ridge

I think there's some snow up the top, which I'm fine with, but not sure what the overall conditions are like (apart from checking the weather reports). Does anyone know or can you point in the direction of somewhere that might be able to say? A bit of snow is fine, full blown winter climbing probably less so

Also, I understand there is some Via Ferrata at the top, will we need to use it (and therefore need the kit)? I've not used Via Ferrata before, from other things I've read it's not generally needed in summer and is in winter, but don't know how much truth there is in that

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Mike-W-99 on 17 Oct 2016
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It's a short cabled section on the north ridge but you won't need any specialist kit. Are you doing the traverse or an out and back?
benp1 - on 17 Oct 2016
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Excellent, thank you

To be honest I don't know, I think we're doing a loop in the area which would suggest a traverse...? I can easily check (this is the first time in about 10 years that we've done a walk and I haven't planned it!)

Is there something we should know?
walts4 - on 19 Oct 2016
In reply to benp1:

I walked up Val de Tre les Eaux from Le Couteray yesterday then over Col des Corbeaux & back down to the chalets at de loriaz over the Col de Terrasse.
Not exactly on Buet but underneath for a fair way & encountered snow from 2300 mtrs, knee deep at 2400!
Visibility wasn't great but the ridge of Buet was covered in snow, obviously wind blown.
Be aware though, I definitely heard either a cornice break off the north ridge of Buet or a avalanche purge the face, not sure which as it was so misty.
Lots of wind blown snow about from the last few days, but this last route could be a great alternative rather than Buet, its a great day out..

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.