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Lusk - on 24 Nov 2016
Saw this on telly the other day ... https://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/regions/manchester/2007/11/384980.html
Are there any other interesting places, or what have you, I could incorporate in an around a 15 or 20 mile circular route, I could see?

Cheers, a half way pub would be fantastic!
bedspring on 25 Nov 2016
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Are you trying to incorporate the cotton road into a walk. If so I would look at Waughs Well, Robin Hoods Well, Pilgrims Cross, Peel Tower, Darwen Tower or going the other way Stoodley, Cows Mouth, Blackstone Edge. The East Lancs moors are a superb place to walk and if you do a little research there is a lot of history up there. I love walking the Dales, Trough and Lakes, but the IMHO the East Lancs Moors have a special something that many people miss out on.
Shed loads of pubs, so until you get more Specific a bit tricky to recommend.
I know you have mentioned a circular walk, so in the great traditions of UKC I shall ask why limit yourself, a linear walk can give you more freedom and in that area with so much public transport, it could be very easy to arrange, and not expensive with a Rover Bus or Train Ticket.
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The New NickB - on 25 Nov 2016
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You could go along the cotton famine road from Catley Lane Head to Waughs Well then across to Knowl Hill then head over to Owd Betts for a pint. A wander in the direction of Deeply Vale and down Ashworth towards Norden, head across to Greenbooth and Naden to link back up to Rooley Moor.

We run a similar route that also takes in Birtle and is about 17 miles. I'll try and find it.

The start and finish of the walk is where they placed the plaque in the programme and about 2 miles from the 2012 CAMRA National Pub of the Year.
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The New NickB - on 25 Nov 2016
Lusk - on 27 Nov 2016
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Thank you guys
Things to work on, I'll stop being lazy and plan a route.

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