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itsThere on 29 Nov 2016
Do weather proof cameras really exist or is this just marketing? Looking to buy an entry level camera for climbing and mouintain biking, so I expect its going to get wet.

I have no idea what I should be looking for. Reading reviews has told me that bridge cameras are not what I am after but I dont know if a compact camera would be better over an entry level dslr. I like the idea of a viewfinder because screens have lots of glare. I dont care about 1080p filming, as a faster shutter speed for sharp single shots would be better.

Its also got to be sub 400g maybe 500g.


The Lemming - on 29 Nov 2016
In reply to itsThere:

Just bought my first ever weather-sealed camera and from what I can gather, they reduce the ingress of splashes of water and light showers of rain. Dust also stays out.

Submersion is a no-no. And I think you will struggle to find a dSLR with lens for less than 500g.

Water tight bags may be a good option.
itsThere on 29 Nov 2016
In reply to The Lemming:

I dont expect it to survive submersion just getting a little damp and not being effected. I would still keep it in a dry bag + padded case but everything seems to get damp anyway.
PPP - on 29 Nov 2016
In reply to itsThere:

It's really difficult to tell. I have had a non-waterproof M43/DSLRs absolutely battered (covered in ice, rolled of a snowy hill and nearly landed in the river, splashes with alcohol many times, took photos in rain, etc.) with no side effects. I must have been lucky, really. I used to work as a photographer, so sometimes you just care less when you use it so often.

Nowadays I have Olympus OM-D E-M5 II (469g... only the body) with 12-40mm F/2.8 which are both weather resistant. I use the camera with the Peak Design Capture Pro, so my camera stays unprotected most of the time. I also got a Peak Design Shell, which is a cover for the camera when the weather gets really nasty so that you don't have as much condensation. The only water that got in so far was between the UV filter and the lens...

Sam W - on 29 Nov 2016
In reply to itsThere:

I've got a Pentax K5 which has been pretty soggy without any problems. This video shows one being given a harsher test than I've ever dared. Remember the lens also has to be weather sealed to have any chance of getting away with this.


On Pentax in general. I love mine, it's well built and I find it intuitive to use. The viewfinders are great, and modern bodies are compatible with all historical lenses, and they have made some crackers over the years. They also tend to be a little smaller and lighter than competitors at the same price. In general I feel you get more camera for your money than you do from other brands.

Downsides are that there isn't a massive user base, so you're less likely to be able to borrow lenses from your mates, their autofocus speed is (apparently) poor compared to Canon/Nikon and you'll be called a fanboy if you praise them on internet forums (although hopefully not here).
itsThere on 29 Nov 2016
In reply to Sam W:

Do you know if there is much difference between the lens that it comes with or other lenses when they say "WR" weather resistant. eg Pentax K-50 + DAL 18-55WR. I dont see many other cameras for around £400 that claim any type of resistance which is why it caught my eye.
Only a hill - on 30 Nov 2016
In reply to itsThere:

You will almost certainly not find a DSLR at less than 500g including lens. Even mirrorless systems are going to be a minimum of about 600g (more if you use a zoom lens). If you really need low weight as the no.1 priority, consider something like the Fujifilm XP90 waterproof camera: http://www.photographyblog.com/reviews/fujifilm_finepix_xp90_review/

Image quality is going to be a lot worse than a DSLR or mirrorless CSC (it's a compact camera with a tiny sensor), but it's weatherproof and sub-400g!

I use a (mirrorless) Fujifilm X-T1, mainly with the XF35mm f/2 lens. It's weather-sealed and comes in at 615g. Image quality is many times better than the XP90 linked above.
Jamie Wakeham - on 30 Nov 2016
In reply to itsThere:

For what it's worth, my K-5 plus the 35mm F/2.4 lens that more or less lives on it come in at 1.1kg. I don't think you'll find a truly weatherproofed yet exchangable-lens DSLR for very much less. Making that lens mount watertight comes with weight penalty.

One thng worth noting, though, as you mention fast shutter speeds for sharp images: Nikon and Canon put their image stabilisation system into the lenses, so you have to decide whether to pay for it one each lens. Pentax put it in the body, so every lens you use (including wonderful old screwmount lenses) instantly becomes IS.
Sam W - on 30 Nov 2016
In reply to itsThere:

Not sure about lenses from other brands, but all the ones from Pentax that say WR should offer the same level of sealing. Their DA* lenses are also weather sealed, but do tend to be more expensive.

The Pentax kit lens has a good reputation for its price, but if you become keen on your photography you'll probably want to upgrade at some point.
itsThere on 02 Dec 2016
In reply to itsThere:

Thanks for all the advice everyone. I went for it in the end.

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