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mattyP - on 02 Jan 2017
Hi folks,

I'm after a nice relatively quiet campsite in the Alps this summer. There will be 2 adults and 2 under 3s going. We won't be climbing but will hike a bit and the grown ups will take it in turn to run and then we'll all eat pizza(possibly). We'll be going for a month so might move between some places if possible.

We are driving from Amsterdam so closer that way would be better. Any suggestions of good places? Or places we should definately avoid!


MFB - on 02 Jan 2017
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Stayed in Val Veny, near Courmayeur, with kids, loved the area, there was a campsite in valley might be worth look, stress we didn't stay there but looked good


chamonix sites not that great in my very limited and dated experience
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m dunn - on 02 Jan 2017
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Ailefroide's nice....
phizz4 - on 02 Jan 2017
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Camping Les domes de Miage, St Gervais.

badmarmot - on 03 Jan 2017
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there is a nice camp site in les Vigneaux, just down the road form Ailefroide and Vallouise, it's split in two,
the upper one is on one side of the road has a pool, restaurant, bar etc, camping le courounba
the other side (lower) Le camping LES VAUDOIS is basic and more chilled with spots in the woods with an alpine river running through,

plenty of running and walking near by plus some good swimming lakes, and even a nice place you can feed the marmots for the little one, lots to do for a family.

I live just above the lower site happy to help if you would like more info.
Rigid Raider - on 03 Jan 2017
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I would avoid Chamonix and consider Megeve, which is a super village; we stayed in an empty ski chalet for three nights to watch the Tour last summer and it was absolutely blissful, stunning scenery, nobody there and totally peaceful. Not camping though!
Toerag - on 03 Jan 2017
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Why is it that people on here always assume France is the only place with Alps? I found the French alps are nowhere near as spectacular as the Austrian / Slovenian / Italian alps/Dolomites simply because you're so deep in the valleys in the French alps that you can't see anything. Definitely do multiple places as the Alps are very diverse. If you chose to head down to somewhere east of Basel then you could stop off in the Black Forest to break the journey - that was one of our stop-offs when we drove from St.Malo to Munich with our 2 year-old this summer.
In terms of a quiet campsite - just avoid august and you'll be fine, if you can't then I don't have any relevant experience.
Rog Wilko on 03 Jan 2017
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One of the most idyllic camp sites I've ever stayed at in the Alps is at the end of the road approaching this crag:

It is a small village enterprise with minimal facilities (toilet and water) though also has a tiny hut you can use. You camp in a field with more wild flowers than grass. Cow bells are the only source of noise. The only downside is that it is quite well-known to local climbers, but they tend to be there mainly at week-ends, so you can maybe have it to yourself in the week. I suppose this might have changed as I was there 10 years back. The road is steep, narrow and twisting - just keep going! I think we found it in the Schweiz Plaisir East guidebook.
The crag is great, too, if you get the chance. The descent route passes through the most spectacular flower meadows I have ever seen.
BTW, the crag search on this website will only find the crag if you include the umlaut over the letter u, which is a bit annoying if you don't know how to find that on your keyboard.
mattyP - on 08 Jan 2017
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Thanks for the replies. I'll take a look at those.

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