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FinlayThomson - on 10 Jan 2017
Does anyone have any recommendations on the best portable hangboard. The most popular seems to be the rock rings but has anyone tried out any of the crusher or problem solver portable boards? Or really any other recommendations at all!

Im going to be living in a van for a year or so travelling so im looking for something I can train where ever I am stopped.

Scott K - on 10 Jan 2017
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I knew I had seen something good recently. Check out this link. I suppose you could make it shorter with adjustable legs but if you have the length it shouldn't take up too much space.

AlH - on 10 Jan 2017
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Take a look at
alx - on 10 Jan 2017
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I use a problem solver hanzo board and their pinch grips. Good for warming up at the crag when there is nothing suitable or the rock is too rough
mike1979 - on 11 Jan 2017
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I haven't tried it but like this concept...

Paul Crusher R - on 11 Jan 2017
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There's usually one of these http://crusherholds.co.uk/portable-fingerboards-hangboards/crusher-mission-portable-hangboard-finger... hanging from a first bolt at Malham and Kilnsey on a weekend. With the likes of Neil Mawson, Adam jee, Mark Katz, Vickers to name a few being owners. The camping shop in Margalef stock them specifically as the locals love them for warming up for the gnarly pockets out there. They are also made of top quality ash so super hard-wearing, but super lightweight.
stp - on 11 Jan 2017
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Not a finger board but a pretty good looking and very portable training device are the Monki bars.

There are two versions, version 1 is smaller and lighter and cheaper. They're pricey but seem to be very well reviewed.


Tristan.Stricker on 11 Jan 2017
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Could make your own...

MischaHY - on 12 Jan 2017
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I love my Crusher Mission Board. It's lightweight, ergonomic and easy to hang. The best bit for me is the different angled finger pockets making it really straightforward to train front two and back two comfortably.
alx - on 16 Jan 2017
In reply to MischaHY:

I came across the crusher board in Rocklands, Steve Maisch has his hanging from a tree outside our respective homes so got a chance to play on it. Well balanced with a good selection of holds.

My problem solver hanzo board is way too small for long term use, my hands are too close to make it comfortable. Fine for Mrs Alx to train on in the gym but I'm restricted to one arm hangs which is not ideal.
kenr - on 18 Jan 2017

Just received my new Cliff Board Mini from Awesome Woodys.
Trying it at home before I take it on a trip.

first thoughts + ideas:

* overall just barely big enough to be useful -- so I guess that's perfect sizing for travel gear.

* indoors? requires lots of vertical space for indoor use. I'll guess this is true of most portable hangboards. So if want to hang with full body weight (rather than with your feet touching the ground), likely want to tinker in advance (before travel) with some extra slings and links or other hardware to be able to hang it higher. And be prepared for a "bonus" abdominal workout pulling your knees up in front of your torso.

* pockets on backside are nice to have. But they felt kind of down-sloping in the obvious hanging angle, so I created a new hanging configuration by pulling out the installed hanging-cord where it attaches through two places on the pocket side. Then tied small loops with my own cord pieces through those. Attached a metal link to each, and hang those from my own nylon runner.
Result: More positive gripping on the pockets.

* I'm thinking there must be some metal fixtures I could bolt onto the top of the board to offer additional and easily-resettable hanging angles -- to make all the holds on both the front-side and back-sidemore positive or negative as desired.

* not sure how to use the center 2-finger pocket. I guess needs to be combined with other grips (pocket or edge?). So far my best try is inserting one finger from each of my hands into that, and another finger into each of the mono-finger pockets to its side.

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kenr - on 18 Jan 2017

Pull-up bar attachment: Found out that my Cliff Board Mini attaches nicely to a horizontal bar -- so another option for indoor use which offers additional vertical space below for hanging and for starting uneven Pull-ups.

I used a standard "shoulder length" nylon sling/runner and one standard biner -- by wrapping the sling three times through the central rectangular hole and over its top. (Then _not_ using the hanging-cord provided).
Works for hanging on the 20mm and 15mm edges on the front-side (which is what I most want), and for doing off-set pull-ups - also hanging from the top 30mm wood rung in a somewhat slopy configuration.

But with this attachment configuration, I found the back-side pockets and edge at too slopy an angle for me to use. I think this could be solved by a couple of big metal hooks on the pull-up bar and attached to those new loops I easily put on the back-side of the Cliff Board Mini.
. . (But to use those loops so seriously, I need to hold the original provided hanging-cord attachment fixed, so it doesn't slide thru its back-side holes.

portable Pull-up bars are useful for other training purposes indoors. So I'd consider bringing one with the additional benefit of making my Cliff Board Mini fingerboard more useful indoors.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
Re-settable hanging angle: I've got two simple-to-construct designs for this so far.
. . (so I can adjust the angle of all the holds front-side or back-side a bit more positive or a bit more slopy).

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