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Bluebird - on 11 Jan 2017
Hi guys - new A6000 for Xmas and bored of the kit lens already.
I'm wanting a lens for outside portrait type work, and a separate lens for landscape/low light work.
Realise I'm after two lenses and after much mooching about I've found these two:

Sony SEL50mmF18

Samyang 12mmF2

A I missing a trick are there better value/cheaper lenses that fit the bill that others would recommend please?

cheers Blue
mickleby - on 11 Jan 2017
In reply to Bluebird:

Hi Blue

I'm just deciding if to buy the A600, I think the A6300 looks to offer slightly more, but for a higher price. Are you happy with the results from yours. I was looking at getting the 50mm lens.

tk421 on 12 Jan 2017
In reply to Bluebird:

The Samyang's amazing. I also bought the Sony 10-18 F4 (much more expensive). I find I use the 10-18 as a standard, then swap to the 12mm when I'm doing astrophotography and need F2.

Don't have the 50mm. AF is supposed to be a bit weak on that comparatively. I haven't done much outdoor portrait, but indoor scenes I found 50mm (75mm equiv) too long and bought the 35mm (52mm equiv) instead.
Bluebird - on 12 Jan 2017
In reply to tk421:
Bought the Sony 50mm prime and 18-200 zoom lenses from e-infinity (wife wanted zoom also). See how we go. Will save the samyang for next paycheck!
Stu Tyrrell on 12 Jan 2017
In reply to Bluebird:

£119 - Sigma 60mm (90mm on a6000), great lens. The kit lens is not that bad, good for video as power zoom.

I am looking at the Sony 18-105, have to save up though.
Bluebird - on 14 Jan 2017
In reply to mickleby:

Will let you know about the 50mm. Happy with the 6000, looked at the 6300 but couldn't justify the extra cost for what I was going to use it for ie general thrutching about in the fells and the bairns on sports day etc.
Bluebird - on 17 Jan 2017
In reply to Bluebird:

lenses arrived from e-infinty. They look excellent. Considerably cheaper than everywhere else on web.

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