/ UK cop to the alps??

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SpartanOne - on 12 Jan 2017
Hi guys,

Looking for some advice!

I'm a cop based in scotland and i'm considering taking all my annual leave next winter season to work/climb/ski/tour in the alps.

Does any of you fine fellows and ladies have any idea where I could work or who I could work for to see me through the period?

Obviously have transferable skills from the coppers (such as donut eating etc) and have climbed; skied; worked as an instructor; and have fitted skis/boots for a long time.

Would consider any work as long as I can get out and play at some point!

Cheers in advance!
spenser - on 12 Jan 2017
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There seemed to be quite a few people working on the transfer buses when I was out in Chamonix a couple of years ago in summer, possibly worth looking at companies like Alpybus.
If you can cook you could apply for a chalet host kind of thing (but I think that is for the whole season usually).
JayPee630 - on 13 Jan 2017
In reply to SpartanOne:
What does that work out as, 4 weeks? Or longer?

Most people do a season, think it'll be hard to find something that's only for a few weeks, especially if you then want time off to get things done in that as well.

Wouldn't it be better to save a bit and then have a proper holiday few weeks there in a rented place?
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Trangia on 13 Jan 2017
In reply to SpartanOne:

Have you looked into any exchange schemes with French or Swiss police? I think there must be some because my son knows a Swiss cop who is currently on secondment with the Met and whose kids attend the same school as theirs. Do you speak French or German? If so it may be worth making enquiries?
nutme - on 13 Jan 2017

I had a good luck with ski schools. They are always looking for people for a seasonal job. It will mean teaching people who never skied before and working with kids. Most schools are happy to take people who are confident on skies and run a week or two training for instructors early in December. Where's no legal requirements for any qualifications.

You can get a bed in ski resort and cheap food in resort canteens as part of the deal. But money wise it will be very little. More languages you speak more luck or better pay you can negotiate. Once I had a deal when I would work with groups of russian kids I was payed double.
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jon on 13 Jan 2017
In reply to SpartanOne:

As a UK cop you could try asking the local Gendarmerie for a temp job sorting out pissed-up Brits in the main street after midnight...
zimpara - on 16 Jan 2017
In reply to jon:

Or stopping the brits shoplifting the beer in the first place which leads to them getting pissed.
Dave the Rave on 16 Jan 2017
In reply to SpartanOne:

You could become a member of the 'Fashion Police' and shout 'Oi , Oi, you can't wear that outdated clobber on this mountain sunny' before giving them a good beating?;)

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