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JXM - on 04 May 2017
We are planning a trip to the Gran Zebru area in the end of May. However, I have just been informed that the Refugio Pizzini will be closed from 7 May to 10 June. This is kind of a bummer because our intention was to use this hut as a base and climb whatever is in condition at the time. Ideally Gran Zebru but anything would be fine really. Does anyone have recommendations for alternative huts to use as a base for Gran Zebru or mountains of similar altitude or will they all be closed over this period of time? Should we just forget about alpine and go rock climbing in Arco instead?
Peter Leeming - on 04 May 2017
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We are just back from a ski tour in the Stelvio and used the Rifugio Pizzini as a base for climbing the Gran Zebru. The Rifugio Casati is nearby, quite a bit higher but possibly not as convenient for the Zebru?

Best of luck, it really is a fabulous area.

Regards, Pete
JXM - on 07 May 2017
In reply to Peter Leeming:

Thanks Pete. In case the Pizzini Hut is closed we are considering climbing the Gran Zebru in one go from the car park at Malga dei Forni. This would however mean a very early start and a much longer day. Recommendations for other routes in the area are most welcome. Also, please let me know if someone knows where to buy a gas canister on the way from Malpensa to Bormio.
JXM - on 12:40 Fri
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We are going on Wednesday next week. Currently the list contains Gran Zebru, Presanella (from the North) and Cima Salimmo (from the North). Current information about conditions would be much appreciated.
LakesWinter on 18:33 Fri
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Whereabouts did you get the route info for the peaks from? I've always wanted to go but been a bit put off by lack of easily accessible info, lazy I know!
JXM - on 21:38 Fri
In reply to LakesWinter:

Google Earth, www.gulliver.it, www.vienormali.it and Google Translate. Also, lots of the Rifugios have very good websites with lots of information of the routes that can be accessed them. I haven't been to Dolomites before but the partner I am going with talks very enthusiastically about it.
LakesWinter on 22:35 Fri
In reply to JXM:

Awesome thanks for the info and have a great trip.

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