/ Climbing and caving, Dunsop bridge, Lancashire

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DenzelLN - on 18:26 Sat
Hello everyone,

When i was a wee lad i went away with the local youth club to Smelt Mill in the Trough of Bowland - near Dunsop Bridge.

Anyway, we went out climbing and caving nearby, the climbing from what i remember was an exposed cliff/crag atop some high grassy hill and the caving we had to slide down a series of end to end barrels in the side of the hill landing in an enormous cavern.

I don't think they were far from smelt mill, any ideas where these are?
Lankyman - on 20:05 Sat
In reply to DenzelLN:

You might have climbed on the Sugar Loaf http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/2870079 and http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/4647155

There are a few caves down the valley a little way at Whitewell http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/740049 and http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/684672
aln - on 00:39 Sun
In reply to Lankyman:

That Sugar Loaf is amazing, what a lovely wee thing. Smallest mountain in the world?
DenzelLN - on 20:27 Sun
In reply to Lankyman:
Neither of those I'm afraid, might have been further afield thinking about it. I seem to remember driving for maybe an hour to get to the cave.

Apparently the victorians used it back in the day, you can either access via abseil, down a waterfall or thought the barrell-tube/tunnel.

I live in chipping and i never knew that there where caves at whitewall, I'm going to have a look at that hell hole!
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Kid Spatula - on 08:58 Mon
In reply to DenzelLN:

The cave sounds like Old Ing?
petegunn on 11:29 Mon
In reply to Kid Spatula:

I don't remember the entrance to Old Ing having end to end barrels at the entrance.
Kid Spatula - on 12:25 Mon
In reply to petegunn:

Good point! Can't think of anything else. Sounds like a mashup of Valley Entrance and Old Ing.
petegunn on 12:27 Mon
In reply to Kid Spatula:

Probably a trip down valley entrance followed by a quick visit to Yordas cave further up the valley. Popular with groups

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