/ Alps partner - 23 June to 18 August

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Brian Birtle - on 16 Jun 2017

I'll be out in the Alps from 23 June to 18 August. You too? Let's link up then!

I'm trying to finish off the French "list des courses" for the guiding entrance exam next Spring so would be most interested in trad rock routes 250-350m 6a/TD (so Refuge des Envers or Cosmiques, Grand Capucin, etc.) or alpine/mixed climbs that meet the ENSA criteria (Matterhorn traverse, Grands Jorasses / Rochefort traverse, Gran Paradiso North Face etc.).

For a variety of reasons, the best for me would be fun, safe climbs that "just barely" meet the criteria, with short approaches, ticked off one per day, with high chance to finish, good pro, laughs and banter at the belay ledges, sunshine and lots of photos, finish in time for evening beers on the terrace. I'm not your man for harder climbs or more epic adventures on this trip - partly because I'm feeling pressure to get this list sorted ASAP and the clock is ticking fast...

For pure rock routes, I'm equally happy to lead everything or swap leads - you need to at least be able to follow 6A cracks and slabs and she'll be alright. For the alpine routes, I'm less experienced so would more want someone that already has experience at the AD/D level and is comfortable moving quickly and free soloing easier sections.

I have all the gear and a car, and while Chamonix is very convenient for this sort of thing, the Dolomites, Cervinia, Grindlewald, are also just a short drive away and exploring new areas can be fun too.

Thanks and have a great day! ++++++++
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Rharrison on 16 Jun 2017
In reply to Brian Birtle:

Hi Brian, I'll be in chamonix August 8th or 9th, with a few days free before my partner arrives. Would be keen for some of the rock routes. Wil send you a message.
Misha - on 16 Jun 2017
In reply to Brian Birtle:
I'll be out for the last 3 of those weeks, looking to finish off the BMG alpine pre-reqs. I have a partner for all of that time but might be interesting to meet up so drop me a line through my profile closer to the time. I'd be well impressed if you can do something on the Grand Cap and back for beers same day though ;-)
gingerking - on 20 Jun 2017
In reply to Brian Birtle:

Hi Brian,
I'd be keen to meet up - looking to be in the alps (but haven't decided where yet!) from end of July to 20th August. I'm keen to do as much climbing as possible, but only have limited experience. Send me a message if plans firm up.

MikeSP - on 21 Jun 2017
In reply to Brian Birtle:

Hi Brian, I'm going to be in the Chamonix area on 10-14th July. I have no Alpine or winter experience but I'm happy to do rock routes.


Michael Morrell - on 21:03 Fri
In reply to Brian Birtle:

Sent you a PM!
Timothy Miller - on 20:46 Sat
In reply to Brian Birtle:

Hey Brian I'm free a lot for most of July bar the first week and looking for a partner. Id be more keen for some of the bigger routes but I'd be happy for the routes that your mentioned or similar as well. I'm keen to do the guiding thing in the long run too so would be good to climb with you
Mr Tickle - on 21:34 Sat
In reply to Brian Birtle:
Pm'd you
lukegorman on 22:07 Sat
In reply to Brian Birtle:

Sup Brian. Will be out in cham for the latter part of your trip and i fit the bill. I may already have a partner, but will let you know... atb

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