/ Bolt failure on Portland.

Marti999 - on 06 Aug 2017
On Friday a failed belay was found on the floor under This is This. On battleship block,
Portland. The staple had pulled fully out, this must have happen while in use.
The Dorset Bolt Fund team have taped the route up and advise anyone not to climb it until it can be retro and made safe.
We at the bolt fund would really like to hear from the party who were climbing the route or around when it happened. As details of the failure will be useful to keep other from getting hurt in the future.
If you have any information please get in contact with Dorset bolt fund. Via email at dorsetboltfund@googlemail.com or on the Facebook page.
If you regularly climb in Dorset please like and follow us of Facebook or Instagram for updates and ways you can help us.
sam.sam.sam.ferguson - on 07 Aug 2017
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Second bolt failure on Portland this year. Scary stuff!
La benya - on 07 Aug 2017
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