/ White Hole, Portland Access Issues

_m.cox_ - on 14 Aug 2017
Recently took a trip to Portland for some DWS, as we were approaching the Mirthmaid Zawn Area, White Hole we were shouted at by an MOD employee, stating we were on private property and climbing was not allowed.

I believed this not to be true but couldn't find any backup info in the moment as phone signal was down. I know that the access route takes you straight past a sign saying no access, dangerous rocks, do so at your own risk.

In hindsight I should have approached him for more info and maybe his name but just didn't think of it at the time.

I cant see that they own the crag though?

Anyone had issues before or can shed some light on this.
johnl - on 14 Aug 2017
In reply to _m.cox_:

He's talking bollox, as long as you are outside their fence it is not their property. I once had a guy there threaten to call the police because I had belayed on to their fence post. Do however avoid damaging the conglomerate pebble formations - the fossil remains of an earlier Chesil Beach, as that could cause problems.