/ Time to buy a head torch

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Fredt on 15 Sep 2017
I have a LED Lenser H14, (4 AA batteries)

I bought it several years ago for several hundred quid. It has a fantastic light 850 lumens, great zoom.
I went for the battery version because I envisaged sessions of several hours and wanted to carry spares.
It also has an extension cable so I can put the battery case on my belt or in my pack, and even a handlebar mount.
However, the batteries don't last all that long, one three hour trip and its warning me of battery failure.

I use it for camping, running, walking, Alpine starts (and finishes!)

So what's better on the market nowadays. Things seem cheaper. Lighter would be nice, but not dimmer.
Batteries or rechargeable?

All suggestions and recommendations welcome.
Dave the Rave on 15 Sep 2017
In reply to Fredt:

You can reduce the amount of lumens you need by eating carrots. Carrots contain carotene which increases the amount of 'rods' in your eyes that detect images in dim light. 1x 5oz carrot equals 1 lumen apparently.
damowilk on 15 Sep 2017
In reply to Fredt:

I have what I think is the updated Lenser model that has a rechargeable lithium battery, but importantly for me, you can switch it out for normal aaa batteries if it runs out. It's great, I love it. Very rarely do I need to change the battery on a single trip.
alpinist63 - on 16 Sep 2017
In reply to Fredt:

check out LUPINE headlamps, very performant and high quality but not cheap....

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