/ Surviving the Zombie apocalypse

beardy mike - on 15 Sep 2017
When you are being attacked, you can still avoid worst injuries if you lay on your back and repeatedly punch it in the face of Stella Artois. Your girlfriend, if you have one, will provide additional cover. If you have a firearm, it will do precise feck all unless you are a good shot and aim for the head as the undead cannot be killed by body shots, but I can't give advice on this - zombies are big, sturdy monsters and it takes more than a single shotin the eye to send them packing. I think forum memebers more experienced in minecraft can comment on this, but rememebr, if you merely shoot the shark in the butt cheek, it will just make it more hungry and more aggressive. If all of this fails, head for the Winchester and wait for all of this to blow over. (Source: talked with my four year old who is very keen indeed on minecraft and also Shaun of the dead which is an invaluable film for such matters).
Spartacus on 15 Sep 2017
In reply to beardy mike:
Yer tlaking out of your aers. Zombie's ain't going to be a wasted like thet.

You need a nuke like what noth kaerea have got (allegedly)
aln - on 15 Sep 2017
In reply to Spartacus:

No-one should listen to anything you have to say, you're obviously a troll. You can't be Spartacus, I'm Spartacus!
toad - on 15 Sep 2017
In reply to aln: funny you should say that, because actually..................

summo on 16 Sep 2017
In reply to beardy mike:

Probably easier to just hide in the bracken from them.