THE TICKLIST: #27 Megos, Bridges and Hard Sport

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 UKC News 11:35 Sat

A mix of ticks and unusual news, above and below ground...

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 simes303 08:05 Sun
In reply to UKC News:

I soloed that Sheffield bridge ten years ago after a day bobbing around in boats we bought from eBay for £12 and rather a lot of beer.

I used the red metal bit though, not the crack.

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 supersteve 07:33 Tue
In reply to UKC News:

In France we have been forbidden to go more than 10km from home for exercise, so how is Alex able to travel here from Spain to climb in the forest? Am I missing something?

 simes303 12:12 Tue
In reply to supersteve:

Well Supersteve, we both seem to have collected one "dislike" each although I can't see anything in either of our posts that deserves this.


 supersteve 13:08 Tue
In reply to simes303:

Pretty standard. My question is genuine - I live on the East of the Forest but the West side is over 10km from me. Cuvier is a 17km drive from home, but within the 10km radius, so could go there, but Isatis is 12km radius, so not an option. I have been sticking to the rules, as they are there to help us all get through this mess, so am irritated when they are broken. Regularly see cars with Paris number plates in the forest too.

 supersteve 13:24 Tue
In reply to Carless:

You can tell when lockdown ends - it starts raining....LOL. 

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