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It's time again for the Berghaus Adventure Challenge which offers funding support to expeditions and adventures. Read on to vote for this month's winner, or get information of how to enter yourself.

rickyclimb - on 16 Sep 2011
In reply to UKC Gear:

Dear UKC community, I hope you don't mind me asking you directly for your support. My Carstensz Pyramid Glacier expedition has been shortlisted this month. The objectives of the expedition are to:

- safely climb Carstsensz Pyramid via the normal route up the north face. At 4,884m, CP is the highest mountain in Australasia, Indonesia and New Guinea and the highest island peak in the world.
- compile a photographic record of Papua's few remaining and fast-receding glaciers for analysis by climate change researchers in the UK, US and Australia

You can find out more about the Cartensz Pyramid Glacier expedition and follow the progress via:

Facebook: expedition Facebook page
Twitter: expedition Twitter page and my
Website: the expedition website is at
Blog: the expedition blog is found at:
Vimeo: I have uploaded an introduction that summarises my previous Africa 3 Peaks expedition here:

Although this is not a "charity fundraising" expedition and no funds raised will be offset against the expedition expenses, for personal reasons I will raise funds for Raleigh International's Youth Partnership Programme, which gives underprivileged young people the opportunity to experience a life-changing expedition overseas. You can donate £5 to Raleigh by texting AAWZ67 £5 to 70070. Or, visit to donate online.

It would be great if you could take a few moments to visit the Berghaus website and vote. Just click "Vote for this entry" on your favourite adventure, easily register your email address, password and name, and you're done!

Many thanks,

Mr Lopez - on 16 Sep 2011
In reply to rickyclimb:

I have voted for the guys that are going walking to Liverpool in the grounds that they were the only that didn't come here begging for votes, and £1000 worth of booze will be a lot of booze!
rickyclimb - on 16 Sep 2011
In reply to Mr Lopez:

To be fair, I wasn't begging for votes. I was politely asking. I haven't asked on any other thread. You must have read this thread because you were specifically interested in finding more about the Challenge. I've given UKC users some more information about my expedition and politely asked for support (not sarcasm).


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.