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UKC News - on 12 Aug 2009
[Alastair Lee and Asgard @ The Asgard Project, 3 kb]Tom Hornbein, Chris Sharma, Leo Houlding, Steve House, Alastair Lee, Ueli Steck, Alain Robert, Jon Bracey, Matt Helliker, Glen Denny, Colin Mortlock, Doug Scott, James McHaffie, Conrad Anker, Stefan Glowacz, Cameron McNeish, Simon Yates, Stephan Siegrist, Dave Pickford, Andy Parkin, Andy Kirkpatrick, Ian Parnell, Maj Phil Packer, Eric Robson, Jerry Moffatt, Suzy Madge, Kate Rawles, Henry Worsley........and more

Mick Ryan gives us the lowdown on this year's Kendal Mountain Festival with details about some of the main speakers and films.

A beacon lighting up the early winter darkness with a glowing light of climbing spirit and camaraderie.


Alex Mason - on 12 Aug 2009
In reply to UKC News: do you have to pay for each single lecture/film you want too see? sounds expensive!
Michael Ryan - on 12 Aug 2009
In reply to Alex Mason:

There are several ticket options

I will try and find out specific details.
Andy S - on 12 Aug 2009
In reply to Alex Mason: yeah it's pricey if you 'pay per view'. However, like Mick said check out the ticket options. There's usually all sorts of options, from things like an all-day film pass, all-day everything pass, ticket for the whole festival, all sorts. Bear in mind it's well worth it. You usually have you eyes opened to something new. For example, I nipped in to see the last half of a paragliding film while I was waiting for a presentation to start. I wasn't expecting much but it turned out to be absolutely awesome. I now have a paragliding ambition!
Offwidth - on 12 Aug 2009
In reply to Alex Mason:

I'd recommend getting a film pass for Friday (a bit busy at the weekend except at 9:00am) and see stuff on Saturday and Sunday without overdoing it, as lots of other things going on are good. It is pricy but no more than most talks or films. There are also a few too many rambler loadsamoney types desperate for their latest everest death fix stories for my liking but I guess they help bankroll the festival. A lot of the talks, films and extras are real good and there are some freebie fringe things like the art and the odd free presentation (MarcC's band performing to confused grannies amongst industial museum pieces with Gordon Stainforth dressed as Elvis I shall remember to my grave...I nearly died laughing so it can be closer than you think) and some good bargains in the attached shops. The best bit for me is also free... meeting climbers, new or old mates, and the next best thing is no different from a normal weekend good night out: the late bar to drink with said climbers. You can also harrass hacks on a freebie (Mick Ryan seems to encourage it).

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