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Frosty morning but blue skies and sun wins out., 2 kbThe Peak District's first Big Shakeout Adventure Festival was declared a huge success by organisers Alpkit and Thornbridge Outdoors. Over 300 people were treated to a full weekend of excitement and entertainment during the event at Sheffield City Council's Thornbridge Outdoor centre near Bakewell.

CragRat11 - on 19 Oct 2011
lanc23 - on 19 Oct 2011
In the video... Sundowner feet only!?!? :p
Alpnick - on 19 Oct 2011
In reply to lanc23:

If anyone has any feedback from the weekend we really want hear it. Good or Bad. We are in the process of reviewing how the weekend went so any comments we get back are vital.


Mark Collins - on 19 Oct 2011
In reply to lanc23: We were taking the path of least resistance, which was Sunset Slab from the overlap. Johnny tried Sundowner at the end but I'm not sure how successful he was as I was packing up to leave and didn't realise what he was trying. Lets face it though, he's done a lot harder than that no hands. I'm the guy in red topping out in the vid.
Robb.Haze - on 19 Oct 2011
In reply to Alpnick: We (Myself and Bec - the girl with the facepaint) had a great time. Ok, so being frozen into the tent wasn't the highlight, but hey its all fun.

Between the great weather, sweet music, excellent food and a bar that seemed to get cheaper with each round, we couldn't have asked for more.

The people and staff we're brilliant. Not often you can say that about a festival. I think we have a small AlpFam now.

Alreadly looking forward to next year, and fear not, we will have even more facepaints

Neil Henson - on 20 Oct 2011
In reply to Alpnick: Well I didn't attend the festival itself but was one of the eight participants on "A day with a grit god" with Johnny Dawes. Had a really great day and Johnny was a great teacher and a real inspiration. I will definitely be interested to see what is on offer next year!
In reply to UKC Gear:

Had a fantastic weekend guys! Loved the lectures and music! Rik Warren was superb!

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