NEWS: BMC New Woodland Plan for Harrison's Rocks

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 UKC News 07 Dec 2010
Harrison’s Rocks in the 1940s, 3 kbFeedback is required for the new management plan for Harrison's Rocks. The summary proposal is included here for climbers to comment on. All feedback is useful in pushing the plan forward in the interests of climbers.

 Graham Ad 09 Dec 2010
In reply to UKC News:

This is a huge initiative and relies heavily upon volunteer help for success. Much preparation work in the way of developing the plan, liaising with interested agencies and obtaining the necessary permissions has been done and the application is in the final stage of presentation.

On the practical side, a 10m wide corridor has been cut along the crag and brash laid out to mark footpaths – done by the Sandstone Volunteers Group (SVG) earlier this year.

As the plan shows, the work is to be carried out over a five year period, with designated areas being cut each year to completion. Work will then be carried out annually in rotation. At present, the cutting is planned for January and February 2011 whilst the leaves are off the trees and the crag is in its least climbable condition.

Harrison’s Rocks is one of the more popular crags in the UK and literally hundreds climb there so we ought to be able to call on a huge resource of volunteers to help us. There are probably a core of 20 or so who regularly help with SVG projects – the most recent being scrub clearance at Bulls Hollow (carried out in November by Croydon Mountaineering Club) and two days of revetment work at Stone Farm Rocks (another BMC owned crag) carried out two weeks ago by SVG members.

For this project to succeed we will need additional help and this is your chance to put something back into climbing benefiting yourself and future generations. We will be promoting the project at various climbing walls and retail outlets as well as at the crag(s) themselves.

Please help us carry out this necessary work and put something back into climbing at Harrison’s. The work will involve moving branches and the like cut from the trees into position where they can be used to mark footpaths, moving larger branches and trunks into position for use as revetments and disposing of any left over material.

If you are willing to help, please contact me via my profile here or via the SVG website

Any comments are also welcome…


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