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 UKC News 31 Oct 2011
Micky Page - Rocklands, 4 kb"Tomorrow I Will Be Gone" is Outcrop Films' début feature length film. Set in the sandstone paradise of Rocklands, South Africa, the film follows a selection of Britain's finest boulderers on their trip, grappling with the best the boulders have to offer.

Watch mega classics as well as Fred Nicole testpieces such as Golden Shadow (Font 8b+) and Black Eagle (Font 8b+).


 Archangel 31 Oct 2011
In reply to UKC News: Sorry to be a bit thick but is it possible to download this and watch it on iPod?
 cha1n 31 Oct 2011
In reply to UKC News:

I was just about to start some uni work.. Oh well.
 tunaficiency 31 Oct 2011
Best bouldering film ive seen and its free
 fireman_al 01 Nov 2011
In reply to UKC News: Good film, a welcome departure in the soundtrack from thumping baselines used in alot of bouldering vids these days. I also like the scenic interludes. Nice to see some of the place the guys/girls are climbing in. There was I feel though a lack of dialogue which made me switch off a couple of times. Good effort though and worth a watch. Defo wanna go there one day looks lovely
 Styx 01 Nov 2011
In reply to UKC News: Complete lack of dialogue made me switch off. Shame, could have been good.
 RupertD 01 Nov 2011
In reply to:

I'm constantly amazed by the level of criticism levelled at free climbing films. If you were watching a film on a saturday night and just wanted to be entertained, then sniping at the soundtrack/level of excitement/editing etc may have some point, but this is a climbing website and most of you are supposed to be climbers. I'd have thought that an hour's worth of beautifully filmed climbing, with amazing scenery and well climbed cutting edge boulders would have got any climber psyched, or at the very least would have given opportunity for picking up some technique tips. Maybe I assume too much. Turning off a film such as this because there's not enough dialogue is akin to saying Ceuse is boring because there's no burger van or brass band.
 Franco Cookson 01 Nov 2011
In reply to RupertD:

I totally agree. Brilliantly shot and nice-looking (hard!) problems. Great effort and ace that it's free. A couple of conversations could have made it EVEN better though, although bouldering chat is usually pretty tedious, so perhaps it was better so.

Definite magical feel to it though. Liked it a lot.
In reply to RupertD:

I don't agree at all Ru, I think it's OK to offer criticism of films like this, even if they're free and even if they are great.

This is one of the best looking bouldering films I've ever seen. I like the way they break up the action with gorgeous scenery and time-lapses. The problems are fantastic and filmed very well. Overall I thought it was really great.

But I know that Nick and Rich are really passionate about their film-making and I think they'll appreciate feedback on how they can get even better. For me the high-water mark of bouldering films was Stonelove. I didn't appreciate it when it came out but I've gone back to that film again and again. It still bears repeated viewing, and the reason is there are so many layered human stories hidden within the bouldering.

"Storytelling" doesn't mean a few off-the-cuff interviews with reluctant climbers. It means watching the people you're filming and teasing out the narrative, like in Stonelove where the camera follows Jerry coming to terms with the realisation that his days at the top of the sport are over. It's not easy, and is a lot to ask from a free film, but these guys have totally nailed the technical side, and have the potential to produce a classic for this generation along the lines of Stonelove and the Real Thing, which have probably not been bettered. If all the feedback they get is "great film, loved it", where will the impetus come from for them to do that?

On the other hands, comments along the lines of "dull. turned it off" are just plain unhelpful and probably come from someone who shouldn't have downloaded a bouldering film in the first place...
 Alex Mason 01 Nov 2011
In reply to UKC News: Probably the best bouldering film I've ever seen. Really well filmed, I was always able to get a sense of the difficulty of the problem. Seeing whole problems one after another is definately the best format for a climbing film. I would agree that one improvement would be to include a bit more dialogue, but I did manage to watch the entire thing without losing interest at all, which is rare for me particularly with destinations I've never been.
Spot on! I'm heading to rocklands sometime soon.
 RupertD 01 Nov 2011
In reply to midgets of the world unite:

It's not any criticism I get surprised at, as you say a few comments on what worked and what didn't would probably be welcomed. But I was specifically meaning the sort of "dull. turned it off" comment that you refer to that makes me wonder if the poster has any interest in climbing at all.

So you did agree, mostly.
 St0neMonkey 01 Nov 2011
Hi guys, thanks for all the great feedback. We had a really great time filming and editing this, we are really pleased to be able to offer it out for free.
We will never be able to please everyone but we will try our best, we felt the best way to go with the rocklands film was simple no nonsense bouldering (the footage we came away with played a large part in the decision).Constructive criticism is really helpfull to us, both myself and nick are passionate about making films that people will love to watch and any advice on how to make the next film better is great! And we do listen!
We are currently improving our audio gear ( so you guys can here the ridiculous noises people make when climbing) and working hard on Life On Hold, so it can be the best we can make it.
Again thanks to everyone who watched it and enjoyed it and thanks to those that watched it and didn't enjoy it, as long as your watching we are happy.
Keep letting us know what you guys think and what you would like to see in the future
Thanks Richard
 Jack_F 01 Nov 2011
In reply to UKC News: Brilliant film really well done. All i want to know is how micky page manages to change his boots from 5.10 teams to dragons mid route lol!
 St0neMonkey 01 Nov 2011
In reply to Jack_F:

Well he is Micky page!!! And what would a bouldering film be without loads of continuity errors!!!
 Styx 01 Nov 2011
In reply to Franco Cookson: Agreed, this is pretty much what I was trying to say in my rather sickly feeling state this morning. It's really well shot and edited but as a non-bouldering fanatic there was no hook, no draw to keep me engaged for the duration of the movie. Good, but could've been better from my perspective.
 Beardyman 01 Nov 2011
In reply to St0neMonkey:
Thank you so much for putting the time and effort into this film. It quality is extremely high and gives a good impression of the difficulty of the problems, well broken up with the beautiful timelapse footage. I was watching with sweaty fingers throughout. I agree with a previous poster that the choice of music was spot on.

Also agree with some previous comments about the lack of dialogue. Not that you should go the way of Tyler Landman in "Between The Trees" where he talks constant mince throughout (which totally ruins the film in my mind) But I would like to see just enough dialogue to get to know a bit about characters.

Keep up the good work, Life On Hold.... when do we get a trailer?
 Jonny2vests 02 Nov 2011
In reply to RupertD:
> In reply to:
> I'm constantly amazed by the level of criticism levelled at free climbing films.

1 person slagged it off. Hardly a slating.
 Jonny2vests 02 Nov 2011
In reply to Beardyman:
> (In reply to St0neMonkey)

> Keep up the good work, Life On Hold.... when do we get a trailer?
 RupertD 02 Nov 2011
In reply to jonny2vests:
> (In reply to RupertD)
> [...]
> 1 person slagged it off. Hardly a slating.

1 person slagged off this one. It's not a new phenomenon.

 eugeneth 02 Nov 2011
In reply to UKC News:

This is by far the best climbing film I have seen in ages!! Its is beautifully shot, especially in capturing the beauty of the area and the colours of the rock. The shots are well framed and put together.

I especially liked the focus on the actual problems and not trying to be too 'artsy farsty' as many HD films tend to concentrate on. The other stand out feature was the concentration on actually showing climbing and no being philosophised at. The lack of dialogue really highlights the climbing and draws the viewer in more.

It has held my attention for the full 45 minutes twice now and made me psyched as hell.

Really really excellent job!! I look forward to the UK bouldering one!!
 Fraser 02 Nov 2011
In reply to St0neMonkey:

I thought this was a great film which was clearly 'properly' made, in terms of the style, content and editing. Unlike the vid.s I'd actually buy on DVD, it had a more 'bunch-of-friends-going-bouldering' feel to it, and all the better for that. Beautiful scenery, well captured and portrayed.

For me (like a few others) some more dialogue would have made it even better - I did find myself fast forwarding it two or three times as I was aware I'd probably not miss any funny banter or comments on the problems themselves by doing so.

One very minor quibble - and I realise this is purely down to personal taste on my part - is that when there were some edits between multi-angle shots of the same (crux) move, the overlap repeat was slightly too long for me. I'd need to go through the vid. again to be able to give exact timings for examples, but hopeful you'll know what I mean. Sorry to be micro-nit-picky, but just giving my tuppence worth

All in all though, it was a great watch - really well done.

PS I'm curious as to how many memory cards you went through to capture all the footage! Also a couple of technical questions: what sort of cameras were used and what brand of stabiliser was that in one of the scenes, is it the Manfrotto thinggy?
 St0neMonkey 03 Nov 2011
In reply to Fraser:

thanks for the feedback, we have been using Nikon D7000's and Canon HD camcorders, and yes the stabiliser is the Manfrotto.

If we had been using all memory cards i think we would have lost count, but we had portable hard drives to save all the footage to at the end of each day.
 _MJC_ 03 Nov 2011
In reply to UKC News: I thought the problem at 28 minutes was amazing viewing, you can truly sense the desperation there. Often they just make it look easy (or a lot easier).
 Fraser 03 Nov 2011
In reply to St0neMonkey:

Aah, fair point on the memory and HDs - I was wondering! Interesting too about the D7000, that's what I hope to upgrade to at some point.

Again, thanks for the excellent work I really enjoyed the film.

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