ARTICLE: Hexcentric Beats - Making Electronic Music with Climbing Gear

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 UKC Articles 09 Sep 2021

The jingle-jangle of gear jostling for position on a climber's harness is a familiar soundtrack to trad climbing — in perfect harmony with the grunting and swearing, of course. Appreciating its sonority and timbre, climber and musician Caro C experimented with creating electronic music tracks using nuts, hexes, cams and clicking carabiners from her rack. Described as a "sonic enchantress" on BBC Radio 3 and a "one-woman electronic avalanche" by BBC Introducing, Caro composes, produces and performs electronic music using a mix of sound equipment, instruments, vocals and 'found sounds'. 

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Interesting sounds, I enjoyed that.

I'll be taking my glowsticks to the crag in the hopes of an impromptu rave.

 rice boy 09 Sep 2021
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Really nicely developed, I enjoyed that despite the noise of gear knocking together having the opposite effect on me - it grates. 

Strong nod to Kraftwerk in the first track.

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Fantastic creative experiment! I love the whole exploratory potential of DAW software and especially when its married to the visuals. Great stuff.

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I enjoyed that, especially the second 'shimmering' piece. The rocks with delay remind me of something, but I cant place it. If I'd heard the track out of context, I wouldn't have guessed source of the sounds.

That's a well balanced mix. Lots of space for each element, clarity and a really phat bass sound.

Bonus points for having a colander on your desk. I don't know if that's a nod to Abbey Rd studios and the wacky recording techniques they developed or you're just a fan of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

 Henry Iddon 09 Sep 2021
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All very Mathew Herbert - His 'Plat de Jour' album is made with food sounds.

 alx 09 Sep 2021
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 SL77 10 Sep 2021
In reply to dread-i:

I thinks it's more of a nod to the work of Delia Derbyshire and the radiophonic workshop. The artist Caro C heads the Delia Derbyshire Day charity bringing found sound electronica to schools/children/under privileged people's. If you enjoyed thus you should check out her back catalogue or at least check out her website!

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