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King Kong Climbing Centre Main Arch, 4 kbIn an effort to create Keswick's premier tourist attraction King Kong Climbing Walls have begun construction of their flagship Climbing Centre in Keswick. Situated just off the main street of Keswick, at the heart of the Lake District, the centre will offer an opportunity to try your hand at one of the most exciting sports out there with facilities such as a the first indoor ice wall in the north of England, 12m high lead wall, 390 m2 of dedicated Bouldering, Training room, Fun Climb area, indoor Caving Experience, Kids Hard Play area and Café.

tom_holdsworth - on 01 Aug 2014
In reply to UKC Gear:

Great hype but isn't there an ice wall in Manchester here:

Pretty sure there used to be one in Castleford Xscape as well but it may have shut down.
In reply to tom_holdsworth:

Very true Tom, the Castleford Xscape wall closed some years ago and whilst the Manchester wall is still operational, our Ice Wall is a good 115 miles further North

Speaking of which our cold room is going down to temperature this week. Winter is coming...

Updates to follow as work progresses.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.