/ ARTICLE: Perfect Partners #8 - Ed and Adam Booth

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UKC Articles - on 12 Apr 2018
Adam Booth and Ed Booth., 3 kbIn this series of articles, Tom Ripley interviews some well-known climbing partnerships to dig up their dirty secrets and find out what they really think of one another...

Seven years apart, the Booth brothers are two of Shropshire's strongest climbers. Ed's a firefighter, whilst Adam's a GP, making these two more dark horses rather than dirtbags. Adam started climbing with his school's mountaineering club and quickly introduced his younger brother.

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Ramon Marin - on 12 Apr 2018
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Well good! 

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I remember sitting down in El Cap Meadow as the two of you were up on The Nose. We'd just got back from North America Wall and were totally f**ked, but at least we were only three days of f**ked - you guys were still up there!

Not only that, but our three days were in a relatively modest temperature; the day we returned to ground the heatwave hit and whilst you were up there being baked in the furnace we lay down in the meadow sipping on our river-cooled ales. As if fate hadn't already dealt you a damning enough blow the weather then turned for the worse and - if memory serves me correct - it started to snow/hail just as you were finishing the final pitches.

Still, when you got down I just remember you both laughing

Blake - on 13 Apr 2018
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That booger picture haha... pmsl/vommed

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