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UKC Articles - on 22 Mar 2012
Johnny Dawes signing one of his books for Italian publishers Versante Sud, 5 kbA review of the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival and the Climbing Works International Festival (Bouldering Masters) which were both held on the weekend of March 9-11 2012.

"Back to the action and I'm suddenly transfixed by the spectacle of climbers, so comfortable hanging upside-down by their toes, that they seize the opportunity to casually blow chalk from their fingers..."


MattH - on 22 Mar 2012
In reply to UKC Articles:

Thanks for the review Lewis.
Keen to hear feedback from anybody who attended...
mloskot - on 23 Mar 2012
Me and a few of my friends, we attended the CWIF comp only. It was simply amazing experience.
It was my first time at Climbing Works and I loved it.
World class boulders set by world class setters.
Extremely friendly atmosphere.
Great spirit of competition.
Chill evening at the pub.
Kudos to Matt 'Birdo' and his team who did awesome job at the BBQ on Sunday!

I'd call it indoor Melloblocco!
Bellie on 23 Mar 2012
In reply to MattH: My second year and another enjoyable experience. Having watched the mountain and climbing films, I was left thinking that the others would be just as exciting to see, so I might have to park myself at the Showroom for a little longer next year... and fit a visit to the works in too.

Really glad to hear it was such a success, and ticket sales meant moving to larger screens in some instances.

Fav film... Cold

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