/ INTERVIEW: The Old Man of Stoer and the Young Man of Hoy

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UKC Articles - on 14 Jun 2018
Tony Stott and Edward Mills: sea stack heroes., 4 kbLast weekend, two of the UK's most famous sea stacks were hosts to two remarkable ascents. On Orkney, 8 year-old Edward Mills became the youngest person to free the Old Man of Hoy (137m) - raising over £30,000 for Climbers Against Cancer in the process - while in Sutherland, 72 year-old Tony Stott achieved a goal that had eluded him for 40 years: to climb the Old Man of Stoer (60m). Over 80 miles in distance and 64 years in age apart, these two climbers proved in the same weekend that age truly is just a number - a life lesson taught by two very craggy Old Men.

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SCC Changed - on 14 Jun 2018
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thanks for an excellent, inspiring article, and well done to both Edward and Tony! A great achievement, particularly by Edward, and it amazes me that anyone could have found anything negative to say about this (previous forum post). The other stacks should be a doddle after this.

On a side note, it looks like the logbook we left on the summit last year, after listening to Dave's accordion recital, has survived! I was sure it would blow away despite the duct tape.

SuperLee1985 - on 10:46 Fri
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A really touching article. Thanks.

bede.west - on 15:40 Fri
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These are great! More stories like them!

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