ESSAY: To Climb or not to climb; Where's My Motivation?

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 UKC Articles 22 Nov 2022

Mark Cobb writes about the hunt for motivation, and the power it brings when you find it.

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 BrendanO 23 Nov 2022
In reply to UKC Articles:

That was lovely; thanks.

In reply to UKC Articles:

Ha, nice one. I've had an ineffective paw at Whiteout Roof, I'll have another go now. The Coil is already on the list (first revisit to Farleton in 20+ years). Quick before I'm another year older! I've got a few multi-year projects and the danger is you expect to fail. Because that's what you always did. Longest siege was I think 8 Bloody Years.

In reply to UKC Articles:

what a great article, really articulates some of the joys, highs (and lows) of climbing. Really resonated with me. 

 MarkKCobb 18:11 Thu
In reply to BrendanO:

cheers for your message.

 MarkKCobb 18:13 Thu
In reply to ebdon:

cheers, we need to kind of accept the lows, as they're part of the high..inextricably linked. Fail to succeed. A great quote from Leo Houlding recently..'if it was easy, it wouldn't be hard'. Love that....

 MarkKCobb 18:15 Thu
In reply to steveriley:

Took me so long to do Whiteout Roof...managed to get slightly closer, each year, until finally getting that pocket (albeit tiny). The Coil was really hard. I like crimps, but they were microcrimps...painful!!! Love the rock at Newbiggin and Farleton though..!

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