/ NEW ARTICLE: Tony Preston: 8th October 1957 ~ 2nd January 2011

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UKC Articles - on 12 Jan 2011
Tony Preston, 3 kbThere are few climbers who deserve the tag 'legend' but to everyone who knew Tony Preston that is exactly what he was.

Lancashire climber Tony Preston died on the 2nd January, his friends remember him.


lummox - on 13 Jan 2011
In reply to UKC Articles: Thanks for that- he sounded a proper character.
Phil Kelly - on 13 Jan 2011
In reply to UKC Articles:

I posted this to the other thread earlier but it's probably worth repeating it here....

Just a reminder that Tony's funeral is tomorrow, Friday 14th January at 11.30.

It's at:

Wigan Crematorium,
Wigan Cemetery,
Cemetery Road (off Warrington Road),
Lower Ince,

All Tony's friends are welcome to attend.


Lone Rider - on 13 Jan 2011
In reply to UKC Articles: Remember the episode in the Clachaig well and Alan Shand was one of the Glasgow team that where going to Gasherbrum IV along with Dai and the Lakes boys. The crocodile clips looked so evil and Alan had imprints for days to come. Climbed with some guys from Bolton at times including Nige Holmes and always had a good time.

Mick Ward - on 13 Jan 2011
In reply to Phil Kelly:

Phil, what a brilliant eulogy. You guys have really done Tony proud. There must be hundreds of people on here who, like me, are thinking, "I wish I'd known him."

grizzly johnson on 13 Jan 2011 -
I knew Tony in our teens when we knew nothing, now two of my best friends from those days are no longer here, Tony and Paul Hartley. I haven't seen Tony for years but will remember when we were all about 16 and bouldering/climbing our brains out in Wilton quarries and over the other side of the valley and in Cornwall when he and the Bolton crew introduced us to "sludge pumps" !. just like the other stories say he was one of a kind and a friendly soul. we're poorer for you not being here Tony, God bless. Dave Johnson
nsm on 15 Jan 2011 -
In reply to Mick Ward: tony was truly worthy of this tribute I wish I had known him longer. I only knew him the last 8 years or so he became a cherished friend and my own expert on all routes ever climbed and though he was never well enough to climb with us his extravagant tails always inspired us. My kids will especially miss the pirate at the end of our road.
Good by fella all our love Neil, Susan, Phoebe, Izaak and Noah.

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