DESTINATION GUIDE: Ultimate Circuits: Llanberis Pass - Roadside and Wavelength Boulders

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 UKC Articles 17 Mar 2023

The Llanberis Pass is a place of mountainous majesty. It's hard not to get carried away by the sheer amount of rock, because it's everywhere. Upon first acquaintance it can be mind-blowing to come to a place where both quantity and quality abound. When faced with such riches the dilemma is: where to start? We've tried to answer that question here.

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In reply to UKC Articles:

Great stuff! Hoping to get up to N Wales in a week or so and will be trying to fit in at least an afternoon of bouldering. Might hit the Pass, but I’ll likely be on my own with only two pads. Any thoughts on the best area to head to given I’ll likely be solo? (And don’t just say Cromlech Roadside ive been there loads!)

 ianstevens 17 Mar 2023
In reply to Paul Sagar:

Pretty much anything on this circuit except maybe utopia is fine with two pads and no spotters. Failing that the barrel (at least the side with the minimum), Jerrys Wall (up behind the roof) or as per the article, take a wander round Cwm Glas Bach. So much stuff to do rather than risk stepping in the inevitable van life log under ultimate retro party…

In reply to ianstevens:

Cool - haven't ever actually done anything on the Cwm Glass Bach side so that's actually a good shout.

In reply to Paul Sagar:

As per Ian's comments, you'll be fine throughout the vast majority of what we featured here, barring the occasional boulder and/or problem here and there (e.g. Utopia). I'd definitely encourage making the extra effort to work your way up and arond the hillside, because that's where the best stuff is. There's so much more than what we've featured too, much of which would be fine with 1-2 pads, so if you have a day to play with go and scout around - you'll definitely not run out of stuff to do!

In reply to Rob Greenwood - UKClimbing:

OK cool. I've been meaning to King of Drunks for ages, but worried from the vid that it might be a bit dodgy on my own. 

However the current major obstacle to bouldering in the Pass this coming weekend would appear to be the wet stuff falling out of the sky...

 jezb1 20 Mar 2023
In reply to Paul Sagar:

I’m always super wary of top outs and falls when I’m bouldering on my own, KoD felt just fine though. Fun problem too.

In reply to jezb1:

Good info! Cheers. And yes, having blown the whole of 2020 through being stupid, I really don't want to repeat the experience and most especially not as a result of pebble wrestling!

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