/ DESTINATION GUIDE: Vedauwoo, Wyoming - A Crack Climbing Paradise

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UKC Articles - on 19 Sep 2017
Vedauwoo 1, 4 kbVedauwoo is crack climbing gem of a location, that's virtually unknown amongst Brits. It's situated in Wyoming, just North of Denver and 6 hours east of Salt Lake City. If people happen to have heard of it, they are usually then put off by the stories; granite crystals like Lego pieces which rip chunks out of your skin; cracks so wide and flaring you get gobbled up, munched alive then spat back out broken and bloody and wild west folk with big pickup trucks and guns.

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ice bank mice elf - on 19 Sep 2017
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Was there just 3 weeks ago. You can see & download the crags in the area as PDF on the vedauwoo website -
Also practice your leanback technique, sleep a night to adjust to the altitude & take hand tape or you'll have the hardest day of your life wrestling with the rocks on the easiest grades.
Worth checking out The Flatirons in Boulder, Lumpy Ridge at Estes park it's around 10000ft here & the weather's a bit more volatile, had to make emergency raps off Batman pinnacle when a thunder storm rolled in. Then check out Shelf Road by CaƱon City for some sport climbing. All can be done in a roundabout way on the way to Indian Creek if your that desperate to melt in 40deg heat & shell out for another 5 number 5 cams!
S3.K1 on 21 Sep 2017
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Thanks for the good Article Pete, I was there in 2010 with less knowledge.
Climbskifly - on 22 Sep 2017
In reply to UKC Articles: climbed there in 1996 and had a great time. However, ended up running back to the RV before a massive storm hit. Watch out for lightening at certain times of the year.

cat22 - on 25 Sep 2017
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Nice article we had an excellent time there in 2010 as part of a road trip around CO and WY taking in Rocky Mountain NP, Devils Tower, the Tetons and Eldorado Canyon as well. There is such a huge variety of climbing in that area!

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