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UKC News - on 13 Jul 2009
[The senior women's final at the BMC British Bouldering Championship at Cliffhanger, 4 kb]Leah Crane and Ned Feehally won the British Mountaineering Council's British Bouldering Championships at the Cliffhanger event at Millhouses Park, Sheffield this weekend.

Skyler Weekes who had travelled all the way from Colorado has set a new Dyno Record with a massive jump of 2.825m.


Chris the Tall - on 13 Jul 2009
In reply to UKC News:
Don't think the article/video does the event justice - both senior finals were really exciting and in both cases going right down to the wire. Not only did Ned Feehally need to do that final problem to retain the title, but no one else had even come close. Looked absolutely desperate. Woman's comp was just as dramatic with Katie Whittaker just failing to match Leah Crane's ascent of the final problem, having come within a whisker of completing the 4th problem. Some really impressive and inspiring climbing going on. And great to see oldies like Gaz Parry still going strong

Not sure how many were in the tent - maybe 1000 - but making plenty of noise in encouraging the climbers. Have to say I was really sceptical of comps until I saw it last year, but with drama and atmosphere like that I'm completely won over. This is a great sport to watch

Matt - you need a bigger tent !!

Glenn Sutcliffe - on 13 Jul 2009
In reply to Chris the Tall:
"both senior finals were really exciting"

...... obvoiusly not the senior finals when crowd photo taken at bottom of article
Michael Ryan - on 13 Jul 2009
In reply to UKC News:

Dyno competition report from Matt Heason.
Video now being directed from UKC's own Video channel.

Those who have watched it earlier today may have cache issues and still see the Vimeo version.

New viewers should get the UKC version which is high quality but might test the odd slower connection. Feedback welcome while we fine-tune the system

Theclimbinglab on 14 Jul 2009 -
In reply to UKC News:

Great competition and fantastic end to the Men's final

Awful commentary again from Ian Smith. Dry as anything and btw his name is Feehally and not feely
Graeme Alderson on 15 Jul 2009
In reply to Theclimbinglab: I'd like to see you commentate for 2 days solid, virtually without a breask, after having done all of the research (eg printing out and cross referencing everything. Ian is a very solid and factual anchorman.

I always thought it was pronounced Feehally but when I said this to Ian and Audrey they said they had checked with Ned. Ian is normally exemplary in his pronunciation of names
Michael Ryan - on 15 Jul 2009
In reply to Graeme Alderson:

I thought Ian and Audrey were a great double act. Complimented each other perfectly.

Hopefully Audrey will be competing next year.

Graeme Alderson on 15 Jul 2009
In reply to Mick Ryan - Hopefully Audrey will compete again next year but manage to make it through 15 problems without crocking herself (she twisted her knee very early on in the qualifier).

Two commentators always works best, especially when they get the 'you ask me a staged question so I can explain something to the audience' routine. Ian and Audrey has this working to a tee, as did Ian and Gaz during the junior male final

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