/ Need advice on DIY small wooden training board.

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Blimblom on 22 Aug 2018

 Hi all,

I've been thinking of getting either a hangboard or making a small wooden training board. Then it came to me, why not both?

For the hangboard, I was thinking of getting the trango prodigy. I've never used one but it seems to have everything.

Now for the "hard" part. Making the wooden training board. I was thinking of copy the layout in terms or how far each hold is from one another from the Moonboard. I was thinking of making one that is 2 holds high and 6 holds wide. I am thinking of using the board to place specific holds that I am trying to get better at. I know the Trango can do this too but the reason why I wanted the board to be 6 holds wide is so that I can do some mini dynamic movements. 

For example, installing pinches at hold 1,3,4,6. I can then do mini dynamic movements to change up the workout instead of just hanging on the Trango.

I was thinking of putting some holds on the bottom too (why not?) but I have yet to think of an idea on how I would use it.


This is a very rough 3d model of what I intent to make, I would love your feedback on whether this would even be a good idea or if I should just stick with the Trango for training. The model does not include the supporting structure for it to be mounted properly.



stp - on 22 Aug 2018
In reply to Blimblom:

Don't know about the Trango specifically but I had a resin board briefly and couldn't really use it coz it quickly made my skin too sore. That's why a lot of people prefer wood. And if you're gonna make some of it yourself why not make the holds too? Not too hard really. You just need to get the edge rounded off nicely and the right sized bits of wood. If you don't have the right size you can just use wood, plywood or hardboard shims added to the back of holds to make them slightly deeper.

For some ideas check out the board at chez Raboutou:


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.