New v old Anasazi identification.

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Does anyone know whether there is a visual way of identifying whether a pair of Anasazis are the original version or the new Adidas version (no label or box available).

 gravy 12:50 Tue
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I had a similar problem with new/old guide tennies - one had grey insoles, the other had black and there was a 1.5 UK size difference between the two sets. I can't recall which way the colour coding worked but we got "old" or "original" shoes in the end.

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My original 5.10 blancos have the 5.10 logo embossed (if that's the right word) on the side (outer foot side).  My more recent pair don't.  They also seem a more cream colour than I recall the originals, which I seem to remember being more an actual white (my originals themselves have gone dirty grey - haven't used the new ones yet except for checking that the fit the same (if that's how you can call it).  Which they do.)

Although I see you don't specifically refer to the whites, so my words may well be irrelevant rubbish.

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The easiest way to tell is: the first generation of Adidas/5.10 Anasazis shoes had 5.10 branded pull on straps but if you look at the sizing label inside the boot under a QR code the word Adidas is written. Original 5.10 boots will say 5.10 not Adidas. Second generation Adidas/5.10 shoes the pull on straps have a 5.10 logo on one side of one of the pull on straps an a Adidas on the other side so pretty easy to identify.

sorry just re-read your post and it says the label isn't available so the above isn't much help however there are some other changes which identify old ones but easiest to help if you have any photos of the shoes?

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Thanks all. I've got ten pairs (mix of whites, pinks and VCS) which I have bought hardly used off people on here to stockpile and I am doing a stock take. Found the Adidas logo on some of them. Were all the originals made in USA and all the Adidas ones in China? I have two versions of the whites, both made in USA but no Adidas label. One version is identical to some old ones I have which I know are pre-Adidas.

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Before the horrible Adidas resizing a few years ago, the old versions had a few slight changes over the years, but towards the end the design was almost identical to the Adidas one.

The one visual difference (other than the size) between my pair I bought in 2015 (nice fit) and 2019 (bad fit) is the length of the velcro strap. In the 2015 pair both the 'sticky' and 'soft' bits of the velcro were the same length, so when fastened neatly would fold over itself fully. The 2019 pair had a shorter 'sticky' bit that left about 2cm of the soft velcro not covered when fastened neatly.

Edit: Just checked mine and Graeme's method is right, the 2019 pair have Adidas written under the QR code on the inside sizing label, but the older pair don't.

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 Alex1 17:39 Thu
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The relevant point will be 'made in usa' vs 'made in china'.  Adidas have owned 5.10 for quite a while, the problems occurred when they moved manufacturing to China and the shoe changed. Unparallel are basically the old 5.10 USA based team using the old factory.

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> The relevant point will be 'made in usa' vs 'made in china'. 

Thanks. All sorted then.

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