BD Snaggletooth crampons for scottish winter 1-4

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Anyone got a set of these poons? I'm currently evaluating my next pair and deciding between these or sabretooths for my Phantom Techs. Going to be on scottish grade 1-4. 

I would also like to get into some easy dry tooling to which is why I thought these might be a good choice.

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 Johnhi 19 Nov 2021
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Depending on the dry tooling, a vertical monopoint may be a better option for drilled holes.  I'd just grab something like a petzl lynx or equivalent.

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Really liked em for mixed. And for all round mountaineering. 

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I've done up to V,6 in mine and they were fine (even if my arms and shoulders were complaining a bit!), but I can wonder along a snowy Striding Edge in them just as well. They are a noticeable bit lighter than my other 12 point mountaineering crampons as well (G12s, CT nuptse) so being a lazy git, I default to them any time I'm wearing boots that will take full step-ins.

I don't know about dry tooling in them though. I've only done a bit and used traditional monopoint crampons as at Massons, where I went, there were lots of drilled slots for monos and pick placements.

 MattJ753 19 Nov 2021
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I've got a pair of snaggletooths and a pair of Stingers. 

Snaggletooths for easy mixed/alpine do work well, but wouldn't be ideal for drytooling, especially as a lot of the foot placements are pockets/cracks, or just tiny. And they wouldnt be my choice for pure ice either. 

I think if I had to choose one pair, Stingers would inspire more confidence all round.

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