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Aquinn - on 12 Jan 2018

Heading to Calgary and Canmore from the 19th of feb . Looking to check out some routes whilst there but going myself . Does anybody know of any clubs / forums etc I could get in contact with to find a partner ?



damowilk on 12 Jan 2018
In reply to Aquinn:

I’m in similar situation, but leave as you arrive. There was Gravsports, but as well as being a unpleasant interface, it appears really quiet now, I think everyone has migrated to using the Rockies ice climbing face book page, which looks pretty active. You can occasionally meet a partner at the Alpine Club of Canada lodge in Canmore too.

smithg on 12 Jan 2018
In reply to Aquinn:

Banff Belay Monkeys (on face***k), ask around at Elevation Place (climbing wall) or drop a message to the Calgary branch of the Alpine Club of Canada (who are incredibly active).

k_os - on 17 Jan 2018
In reply to Aquinn:

I live in Canmore and will be around when you come out, drop me a message if you're still looking for partners (likewise for damowilk too). I mostly work weekends (local gear shop in Canmore, good selection of ice stuff if you forget anything) so mid week is best for me. 

The Hostel International Wilderness hostels are a good place to stay if you haven't already arranged accommodation, you can get a season pass for £150 which gives you unlimited stays at their wilderness hostels (where available) and discounts at their other hostels. There's usually people kicking around those looking for someone to climb with.

Try source the Joe Josephson waterfall ice definitive guidebook before you get here, there's bound to be someone with a copy in the UK but it's hard to get hold of here (old, out of print, people don't want to sell it). There's also a select guidebook called Icelines by Brent Peters which is good, but only has 50 routes in it. 

Keep an eye on the avalanche conditions before coming out too just to get an idea of how things are developing (, quite a few of the best lines are very avalanche prone.



huwj - on 18 Jan 2018
In reply to Aquinn:

FB is probably your best bet. As well as "Banff Belay Monkeys" check out the "Bow valley climbing crew" page as a good start.


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