NEWTYLE QUARRY - Access Threat.

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The company doing the quarrying at Newtyle is becoming increasingly annoyed and frustrated by people accessing the quarry to go tooling on days when they are working the quarry.  They are also very much aware that climbers are accessing The Tube area, possibly in the mistaken belief that they have gone unnoticed and that the quarrying company either can’t see them, don’t know they are there, or aren’t bothered.  Wrong - they do notice, and are bothered, but do not want to be confrontational with the climbers. A group of local climbers, along with Mountaineering Scotland, have worked very hard over the past two years to protect the long-term access to this unique Scottish climbing venue. The local climbers have also refrained from accessing the quarry to protect the access.  So, please can we act as one as a climbing community, and keep this very very simple: if the quarry is being worked (in whatever quarrying area), DO NOT CLIMB ANYWHERE IN NEWYTLE. If you don’t do this, we run the very very real risk of losing access for ever. 

 Michael Gordon 23 Dec 2020
In reply to Simon Yearsley:

Is information available about when the quarry is being worked, e.g. weekdays only?

In reply to Michael Gordon: it’s on the crag info for Newtyle on the UKC database.  In summary, they normally work weekdays and occasional Saturdays for maintenance.  It’s easy to check if they are working either above the road or below, simply walk along the road and see if either of the sets of gates are unlocked, or folk around driving big trucks, or noisy crusher machines working.  Hope this helps.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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